Robbins Marty - Country 1951-1958 5CD Box set (Käytetty CD)

Robbins Marty - Country 1951-1958 5CD Box set (Käytetty CD)


(5-CD LP-sized box set with 20-page book) There’s astonishing versatility here: hillbilly string band music, folk, rockabilly, Hawaiian, and western music. Marty stamped his own identity on it all. Here are the great early hits: I’ll Go On Alone, That’s All Right, Mean Mama Blues, Maybelline, Tennessee Toddy, Mister Teardrop, Singing The Blues, Knee Deep In The Blues, and I Can’t Quit. There’s also the complete vocal-guitar session of folk songs and traditional songs, the first Hawaiian LP, the rock ’n’ roll sides, and the duets. Essential! The fifth CD is a complete session, including all the false starts and alternate takes, for a real fly-on-the-wall listening experience!

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CD-1: Tomorrow You'll Be Gone ~ I Wish Somebody Loves Me ~ Love Me Or Leave Me Alone ~ Crying `Cause I Love You ~ I'll Go On Alone ~ Pretty Words ~ You're Breaking My Heart ~ I Can Get Along ~ I Couldn't Keep From Crying ~ Just In Time ~ Crazy Little Heart ~ After You Leave ~ Lorelei ~ A Castle In The Sky ~ Your Heart's Turn To Break ~ Why Keep Wishing ~ A Half-Way Chance With You ~ Sing Me Something Sentimental ~ At The End Of A Long Lonely Day ~ Blessed Jesus, Should I Fall Don't Let Me Lay ~ Kneel And Let The Lord Take Your Load ~ Don't Make Me Ashamed ~ It's A Long, Long Ride ~ It Looks Like I'm Just In Your Way ~ I'm Happy 'Cause You're Hurtin' ~ My Isle Of Golden Dreams ~ Have Thine Own Way, Lord ~ God Understands ~ Aloha Oe

CD-2: What Made You Change Your Mind ~ The Way Of A Hopeless Love ~ Pain And Misery ~ Juarez ~ I'm Too Big To Cry ~ Call Me Up ~ It's A Pity What Money Can Do ~ Time Goes By ~ This Broken Heart Of Mine ~ It Looks Like I'm Just In Your Way ~ I'll Love You Till The Day I Die ~ Don't Let Me Hang Around ~ Pray For Me Mother Of Mine ~ Daddy Loves You ~ That's All Right ~ Gossip ~ Maybelline ~ Pretty Mama ~ Mean Mama Blues ~ Long Gone Lonesome Blues ~ I Can't Quit ~ Singing The Blues ~ Tennessee Toddy ~ Baby, I Need You ~ Long Tall Sally ~ Mister Teardrop ~ Respectfully Miss Brooks ~ You Don't Owe Me A Thing ~ I'll Know You're Gone ~ How Long Will It Be

CD-3: Where D'Ya Go ~ Most Of The Time ~ The Same Two Lips ~ Your Heart Of Blue Is Showing Through ~ Knee Deep In The Blues ~ The Little Rosewood Casket ~ The Letter Edged In Black ~ Twenty One Years ~ The Convict And The Rose ~ The Bus Stop Song ~ The Dream Of The Miner's Child ~ The Little Box Of Pine In The 7.29 ~ The Wreck Of The Number Nine ~ The Sad Lover ~ The Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me ~ My Mother Was A Lady ~ When It's Lamplighting Time In The Valley ~ The Wreck Of The 12.56 ~ It's Too Late Now ~ I Never Let You Cross My Mind ~ I'll Step Aside ~ Bouquet Of Roses ~ I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry ~ Lovesick Blues ~ Moanin' The Blues ~ Rose Of Ol'Pawnee ~ I Hang My Head And Cry ~ Have I Told You Lately That I Love You ~ All The World Is Lonely Now

CD-4: You Only Want Me When You're Lonely ~ Crying Steel Guitar Waltz ~ Beautiful Ohio ~ Now Is The Hour ~ Down Where The Trade Winds Blow ~ Sweet Leilani ~ Beyond The Reef ~ Constancy ~ Don't Sing Aloha When I Go ~ Song Of The Islands ~ Moonland ~ Island Echoes ~ My Isle Of Golden Dreams ~ Aloha Oe ~ A Faded Petal From A Beautiful Bouquet ~ Then I Turned And Slowly Walked Away ~ Jodie ~ A House With Everything But Love ~ Nothing But Sweet Lies ~ Baby I Need You ~ Kaw-Liga ~ Paper-Face ~ Many Tears Ago ~ Address Unknown ~ Waltz Of The Wind ~ The Hands You're Holding Now ~ Oh, How I Miss You ~ Footprints In The Snow ~ Wedding Bells ~ It's Driving Me Crazy

CD-5: The Story Of My Life (3 takes) ~ She Was Only Seventeen (5 takes) ~ Wedding Bells (5 takes) ~ Shackles And Chains (6 takes) ~ Oh How I Miss You Tonight ~ Footprints In The Snow (3 takes) ~ Wedding Bells (4 takes) ~ It's Driving Me Crazy (2 takes)

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