Rock Bob E. And His All Star Band - This Is… (Käytetty CD)

Rock Bob E. And His All Star Band - This Is… (Käytetty CD)


Tex Rubinowitzin tuottama albumi Amerikasta. Mukana bändissä mm. Eddie Angel ja Evan Johns. Amerikan rockabillyä! 80-luvun alun rockabillyä. For many of you, Bob E. Rock is a probably a new name on the rockabilly scene, this CD is not his first release though, there has been a 45 in 1986 with Humes High” b/w ”Do You Believe It”. These sessions have been in the can for a decade, Tex and Jim have been waitin for just the right time to release it. Both tracks, by the way, are also on this new CD.

Bob’s parents are Danish, but Bob was born Virginia, he has lived in Maryland, USA, since childhood. I guess at a particular place and time he met up with the right kinda folks, because the people backing Bob on this CD are definitly not new names. Tex Rubinowitz is a rockabilly legend for sure and his Ripsaw recordings like ”Hot Rod Man” and ”Bad Boy” are about to become collectors items, if not already.

Bob E. met Tex during the time Tex was playing with the Bad Boys at the Annendale Grill in Annendale, Virginia. Tex invited Bob E. on stage to sing a song – it was Be Bop A Lula – and it was the beginning of an association with Tex that lasted for many years during the 80s. Bob became Tex’s bass player and after awhile became separate as Tex’s opening act. At the same time, whenever a recording session for Tex was scheduled, time was reserved for a Bob E. session as well. The result is this CD.

And then there is Eddie Angel, a name that needs no introduction. Eddie was on the scene at the same as Tex and he became a close associate of Bob. Eddie’s name pops up in the strangest places, but here at NO-CLUB, he is right at home. He played guitar with Tex Rubinowitz and Martha Hull before, and now he’s back to make sure that Bob’s first CD is gonna be a hit! Bob, Eddie and Tex also wrote all originals songs on this CD, and even though the name on the cover is ”This Is Bob E. Rock”, it might as well have been ”This Is Bob, Eddie and Tex…” Eddie’s work in the sessions adds much to the overall star quality of the CD. Many have heard Eddie in the Planet Rockers and Los Straitjackets, but never before as a stellar guitar back-up to a vocalist. Jim Kirk notes: ”I hope this release encourages Eddie to do more work behind singers.”

The CD is absolutely a must for all rockabilly lovers. If you are new to rockabilly yourself, there are some fine covers of all time greats to lead you into the world of 50s music, and if you have been a die-hard rocker for many years, this CD still might surprise you with beautiful original cuts, great guitar-art by Eddie and a magnificent cool doghouse bass rhythm. As Colin Pryce Jones once stated: ”This has got to be what rock ’n’ roll is all about!”.”

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  • 1. Same Old Cat
  • 2. Everybodyns Got Somebody But Me
  • 3. Ditty Bop
  • 4. A Brand New Beat
  • 5. Do You Believe It
  • 6. Humes High
  • 7. Modern Do Juan
  • 8. Loverns Rock
  • 9. My Babe
  • 10. Blues Stay Away
  • 11. Imagine That
  • 12. Ting A Ling
  • 13. Just Walking In The Rain
  • 14. First In Line