Various - Rockabilly Love Vol. 1 – Servant Of Love (CD)

Various - Rockabilly Love Vol. 1 – Servant Of Love (CD)


“From the success of the Atomicat Records series “Rock ‘n’ Roll Songs Of Happiness”, we proudly introduce our first album of a new series, “Rockabilly Love, Volume One, Servant Of Love”, Atomicat Records (ACCD140). The compilation is a thirty-song rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll platter that is full of white bop beat, cool jive, and rhythmic stroll tempos! The album’s hot rockin’ love story contains dance titles fittingly sourced for those who enjoy dancing to white rockers, and the songs are obtained from 1956 through to 1962 and are perfect for romance, parties, and playing loud!”

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Mitat 14,2 × 12,5 × 1 cm
Tuotekoodi ACCD 140
Tuottaja Atomicat
Vuosi 2023

01 Gene Wyatt Lover Boy (Marais, Lewis) Ebb 1957
02 Bill Bell Four Unknowns Little Bitty Girl (Bell) Mida 1959
03 Vic Wilder Hey, Little Girl (Darcy III, Wilder) Decca 1959
04 Bobby Hardin and The Night Riders I’m Loving You Baby (Hardin) Westwood 1960
05 Glen Garrison and The Note Kings Lovin’ Lorene (Garrison, Horton, Maness) Crest 1958
06 Van Brothers Servant Of Love (Walton) Poor Boy 1959
07 Bolean Barry Long Sideburns (Tyler, Tall) Fábor 1956
08 Gene Montgomery A Picture Of You (Oakman, Beveridge) Columbia 1961
09 Harry Lee Everytime I See You (Lott) Vin 1958
10 Glyn Tucker with Ian Lowe and The Tornados I’m In Love (Tucker) Zodiac 1960
11 Peggy Upton Sweet Sugar Bugger (Upton) Rose 1958
12 Johnny Laury Lotta Lovin’ (Bedwell) Ridge 1963
13 Jimmie Martin Combo vocal Ramsey Kearney Red Bobby Sox (Kearney) Jaxon 1957
14 Johnny Rebb Think Me A Kiss (Stanley) CBS Coronet 1960
15 Fred Bible C’mon Baby (Mickler) Alecia 1962
16 McCoys Full Grown Cat (Williams) RCA Victor 1958
17 Barry Lane Gettin’ Ready For Love (Byrd) Ra-Q 1960
18 Jerry Grant and The Rockbilly Bandits Talkin’ About Love (Smith, Ramson) Atco 1957
19 Ivor Fisher with The Satellites Call On Cupid (no credit) Viking 1959
20 Johnny Powers with The Band Of Stan Getz and Tom Cats Long Blond Hair Red Rose Lips (no credit) Fox 1957
21 Wanda Jackson Baby Loves Him (Jackson) Capitol 1957
22 Johnny Carroll That’s The Way I Love (Carroll) Phillips International 1957
23 Del Reeves Baby, I Love You (Thrasher, McFadden) Capitol 1958
24 Bunny Paul Sweet Talk (Paul) Point 1956 25 The Rockin’ R’s Crazy Baby (Volz, Wernsman) Tempus 1958
26 Jim Fleming and The Casuals Ask Her To Dance (Vincent, Smith) 1959
27 Judy Faye Rocky-Rolly-Lover Boy (Ruston) RCA Victor 1957
28 Haskell May with The Sundowners Party Line (May) Sundown 1958
29 Harold L. And The Offbeats Connie (Sliger) Happy Hearts 1962
30 Steve Alaimo and The Redcoat Blue Fire (Manning) Dickson 1960

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