Rustbelt Boys - Rockin’ And A Boppin’ With… (Käytetty CD)

Rustbelt Boys - Rockin’ And A Boppin’ With… (Käytetty CD)


Original 50s rockabillyä amerikoista. Todella autenttista kamaa.

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Rustbelt Boys have developed a dynamic brand of rockabilly music they affectionately dub Class A Rockabilly”. Emerging fully formed and ready to rock, The Rustbelt Boys set out armed with authentic sounding originals and excellent covers determined to carry on the rockabilly tradition. Enthusiastic stage shows and quality musicianship have left audiences throughout the mid-west hollerin’ for more. Now, with the release of their debut CD, the sky is the limit for this untamed rockabilly trio”

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  • 1. Reckless `55
  • 2. Gearin` Up
  • 3. Lucky Penny
  • 4. Long Gone
  • 5. Rockin And Boppinn
  • 6. Hillbilly Hicups
  • 7. Time Tricked Me
  • 8. Call You Up
  • 9. The Rustbelt Roundup
  • 10. Dixie Peach
  • 11. Lonely
  • 12. I Came Runninn
  • 13. You better Run
  • 14. Love `em And Leave nem Man