Various - Rockin Rollin USA Volume 6 (CD)

Various - Rockin Rollin USA Volume 6 (CD)


Mark and Henrique’s record-buying adventure is a state-by-state journey and the Pan American Recordings, Rockin’ Rollin’ USA album will showcase music available on regional and major labels. Every state had a local hero, some of whom left their birth area, and the album will introduce some of these along the journey. Pan American Recordings endeavors to use some lesser-known and for some people, perhaps more obscure titles, and our philosophy is to compile songs of quality, with every album, its “killer and no filler” ideology! You are listening to music from the past with a remastered sound that will shake the speakers. Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany

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Vuosi 2023

01. Crash Craddock – Boom Boom Baby (Burgess) Columbia, Canada 1959
02. Marty Robbins – Ruby Ann (Bellamy) Columbia, Canada 1962
03. Lloyd Arnold and His Rockin’ Drifters – Hangout (Arnold) Record-o-Rama, Canada 1961
04. Andy Dio – Bonnie Jean (Dio) Zirkon, Canada 1961
05. The Bobbettes – Have Mercy Baby (Billy Ward) Zirkon, Canada 1960
06. Ted Self – Walk Her Down The Aisle (Self) Zirkon, Canada 1960
07. The Crickets – Tell Me How (Petty, Holly) Brunswick LP, Canada 1961
08. The Rock-A-Tunes – Honey Baby Sugar (Smith) Rock-A-Tune Records, Canada 1959
09. Johnny Cash and Tennessee Two – There You Go (Cash) Quality, Canada 1957
10. Terry Nolan – Puppy Love (Nolan, Petty) Brunswick LP, Canada 1961
11. Rockin Robin Roberts – Louie Louie (Berry) London, Canada 1961
12. Andy Dio – Rough And Bold (Dio) Zirkon, Canada 1961
13. Lonnie Mack – Baby, What’s Wrong (Reed) Barry, Canada 1963
14. Dennis Turner – Lover Please (Swan) Quality, Canada 1962
15. The Crew Cuts – My Blue Heaven (Whiting, Donaldson) Surprize Package LP RCA Victor, Canada 1959
16. Little Billy Mason – I Love My Baby (Davis, Munro, Goldner) Apex 1956
17. Lloyd Arnold and His Rockin’ Drifters – Red Coat, Green Pants And Red Suede Shoes (Arnold) Record-o-Rama, Canada 1961
18. Bonnie Lou with Chorus – Bo Weevil (Domino, Bartholomew) Quality, Canada 1956
19. Rusty and Doug – I Never Had The Blues (Bryant) Quality, Canada 1957
20. Carl Perkins vocal by Carl and Jay – Lend Me Your Comb (Twomey, Wise, Weisman) Quality, Canada 1957
21. Dick Damron – That’s What I Call Living (Damron) Quality, Canada 1959
22. Les Megatones – Ski Bum (Chamoux) Apex Francais 1963.
23. Hi Lites – Friday Night, Go Go (Halmay, Drew) Brunswick 1958
24. Jimmy Murphy- Sixteen Tons Rock ’n’ Roll (Travis, Murphy) Columbia, Canada 1956
25. Roy Orbison and Teen Kings – Go! Go! Go! (Orbison) Quality, Canada 1956
26. Jack Bailey and The Dan Penny Orchestra – The Bad Apple (Wacko, McKay) Rodeo, Canada 1959
27. Gary Cooper with The Triads – Come On Pretty Baby (Cooper) Quality, Canada 1961
28. Billy Mason – Car Mon Coeur… (Night Has A Thousand Eyes) (Weisman, Wayne, Garrett) London, Canada 1963

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