Various - Rockin Spot Volume 3 – Jeanie (CD)

Various - Rockin Spot Volume 3 – Jeanie (CD)


The Rockin’ Spot is a late-night music club that plays the living end of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly, and Rhythm & Blues music with the moving and grooving titillating rhythms on volume 03 Jeanie Atomicat Records (ACCD131) being sourced from the years 1956 through to 1962.

Jeanie is the third volume in the series and the name-dropping titles include; Bobby Charles Laura Lee, Carl McVoy, Little John’ Gone, Johnny Fuller, Sister Jenny, Joe Melson, Wake Up Little Susie, Buck Rogers, Rose Marie, Rusty Draper, Good Golly (Pretty Molly), Danny Zella Wicked Ruby, Mackey Beers, That Jim and many more. Between the thematic titles you hear tunes rocking rolling bop rockers about love; Delmer Wilburn, My Kissin’ Cousin, Alan Dale, You Threw A Dart, Frank Brunson, I Believe In You, and Jan Moore is Head Over Heels In Love. The bop beat has got a hold of Brian Russ, King Of Rock And Roll, and Bill Perry is going wild, Hoppin’, Boppin’ And Rockin’. Dennis Wayne has arranged a Blind Date and gets lucky when Laura Lee Perkins sings Kiss Me Baby and The Volumes cool off the evening with Our Song.

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01 Bobby Charles Laura Lee (Gayten, Guidry) Chess 1956
02 Delmer Wilburn My Kissin’ Cousin (Wilburn) Lilly 1960
03 Carl McVoy Little John’ Gone (Claunch, Cantrell) Hi 1958
04 Chico Holiday Cuckoo Girl (Vance, Segal) RCA Victor 1959
05 Brian Russ King Of Rock And Roll (Brian) Horizon 1959
06 Johnny Fuller Sister Jenny (Durand) Imperial 1956
07 Jimmy Crawford Mable Mable Mable (East, May) Day-Z-Bel 1958
08 Alan Dale You Threw A Dart (Ballard) Columbia 1960
09 Eddie Smalling Jeanie (Smalling) Delta 1960
10 Jerry Siefert Dirty White Bucks (And Tight Pegged Pants) (Hege) Note 1958
11 Dennis Wayne Blind Date (Flint) Shadow 1959
12 Joe Melson Wake Up Little Susie (Bryant, Bryant) Hickory 1961
13 Bob Riley Without Your Love (Gold, Teters) Dot 1957
14 Buck Rogers Rose Marie (Bryan) Montel 1959
15 Charles Epps Shake That Thing (Epps) Hilltop 1961
16 Clarence Samuels We’re Going To The Hop (Samuels) Apt 1959
17 Rusty Draper Good Golly (Pretty Molly) (Strange, Escamilla) Mercury 1957
18 Lance Roberts You’ve Got Everything (B & F, Bryant) Decca 1959
19 Laura Lee Perkins Kiss Me Baby (Rotello) Imperial 1958
20 Danny Zella Wicked Ruby (Zella) Fox 1958
21 Jan Moore Head Over Heels In Love (McPherson) Boyd 1961
22 Jim Holt Oh My Linda (Gargano) Gulfstream 1962
23 The Moods Little Alice (Wallace) Sarg 1959
24 The Dell Vikings What Made Maggie Run (Biscoe) Fee Bee 1957
25 Five Masks Polly Molly (Braggs) Jan 1958
26 Mackey Beers That Jim (Beers) Mark 1962
27 David Starr Teen Doll (Goff) Canon 1961
28 The Volumes Our Song (McKenzie) Jubilee

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