Various - Rockin Spot Volume 4 – Cheryl (CD)

Various - Rockin Spot Volume 4 – Cheryl (CD)


The Rockin’ Spot is a late-night music club that plays the living end of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly, and Rhythm & Blues music with the moving and grooving titillating rhythms on volume 03 Jeanie Atomicat Records (ACCD131) being sourced from the years 1956 through to 1962.

Cheryl is the fourth volume in the series and the name-dropping titles include; The Maharajahs, Sweet Loretta, The Gaye Sisters, Oh Ricky, Bobby Darin, Pity Miss Kitty, Benny Ingram, Jello Sal, Gene Vincent, Anna Annabelle, Danny Zella, Sapphire, Roy Brown New Rebecca Wynonie Harris Sweet Lucy Brown and many more. Between the thematic titles you hear tunes rocking rolling bop rockers about love; Rudy Greene, Juicy Fruit Bobby Dean, Dime Store Pony Tail, Billy Riley, Pearly Lee, Frank Brunson, I Believe In You, Jay Brinkley Crazy Crazy Heart, Dodie Stevens, So Let’s Dance and many more. Roger and The Tourains, Searchin’ For A Girl, and they found themselves lucky as Jackie Lee Cochran croons about Endless Love and brings the fun to an end

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Vuosi 2023

01 The Checkers Can’t Find My Sadie (Davis, Pauling) King 1954
02 The Maharajahs Sweet Loretta (Baker, Alexander) Flip 1958
03 Rudy Greene Juicy Fruit (Green) Ember 1957
04 Bobby Dean Dime Store Pony Tail (Bullock) Chess 1957
05 Billy Riley Pearly Lee (Riley) Sun 1957
06 The Gaye Sisters Oh Ricky (Gaye) Glenn 1959
07 Chuck Martin Emma Lee (Martin, West) Nasco 1957
08 Frank Brunson I Believe In You (Brunson) Groove 1956
09 Gene Norman Snaggle Tooth Ann (Atkins, Norman) Snag 1959
10 Benny Ingram Jello Sal (Ingram) Bandana 1958
11 The Dick Poulton Trio Susie (Poulton) Vin 1959
12 The Invictas Nellie (no credit) Jack Bee 1959
13 Bobby Darin Pity Miss Kitty (Harris) Atco LP 1960
14 Dave Day Jelly Billy (Fatalsky, Rowe) Fee Bee 1957
15 Cliff Nash Jennie Lou (Lumas) Nash 1962
16 Tee Tucker Rock & Roll Machine (Cunningham) Atco 1961
17 The Four Sounds Tall Lanky Papa (Keyes, Story) Celeste 1957
18 Roger and The Tourains Searchin’ For A Girl (Coveno) Galaxy 1961
19 Wild Bill Mona My Love (Emerson, Goldner) Gone 1959
20 Gene Vincent Anna Annabelle (Simmons) Capitol 1960
21 Jay Brinkley Crazy Crazy Heart (Campbell, Brinkley) Dot 1955
22 Jackie Dallas Lorraine (Slay, Crewe, Clark) Fawn 1959
23 Danny Zella Sapphire ( Zella) Dial 1959
24 Little Henry Jenny Jenny Jenny (Clement) Zynn 1959
25 Dodie Stevens So Let’s Dance (Anka) Dot 1960
26 Roy Brown New Rebecca (Brown) DeLuxe 1950
27 Wynonie Harris Sweet Lucy Brown (Harris) Roulette 1960
28 Jackie Lee Cochran Endless Love (Reeth, Hafner) Spry 1958

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