Various - Rockinitis Vol. 3+4 / Electric Blues From The Rock`n´Roll Era (CD)

Various - Rockinitis Vol. 3+4 / Electric Blues From The Rock`n´Roll Era (CD)


Jatkoa, yhdellä maailman parhaalla CD:lle.. Eli Rockintis 1 & 2! EI ainuttakaan huonoa biisä tässäkään. MUST!

For the fourth time round, Stag-O-Lee delves into the Rockinitis sounds of mid-fifties to earlysixties
Black dance music. Juke joint gear, as chosen by London based record-slinger, Diddy
Wah, Stag-O-Lee’s troublemaker-in-chief, R-Man, Barcelona’s own Fonsoul and collector
extraordinaire Mace from Stoke-On-Trent. This is full-blown electric-guitar blues to make you
stand up and shake your hips. 80 minutes of it. Comes with 8-page booklet and linernotes.

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Mitat 14,2 × 12,5 × 1 cm
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Tuottaja Stag-O-Lee
Vuosi 2022

Side: Bill Kealy
1. Al Simmons – You Ain’t Too Old
2. Eddie Burns – Hello Miss Jessie Lee
3. Skip Robinson – I Just Can’t Wait
4. The Nightriders – Looking For My Baby
5. Roy Brown – She’s Gone Too Long
6. Peppermint Harris – I Cry For My Baby
7. Ulie & The Uniques – You Don’t Love Me
8. Junior Wells – Lawdy Lawdy
Side: Steve Longworth
9. Little Walter – I Hate To See You Go
10. Dusty Brown – Well, You Know
11. Ace Holder – Sorry I Had To Leave
12. Lynn Johnson – Wicked Woman
13. Detroit Junior – Too Poor
14. Jimmy Anthony – Eternal Thing
15. Magic Sam – All My Whole Life
16. Poppa Hop – My Woman Has A Black Cat Bone
Side: Fonsoul
17. Buddy Johnson And His Orchestra – No More Love
18. Big Tiny Kennedy And His Orchestra – Strange Kind Of Feeling
19. Little Arthur Mathews –
I’m Gonna Whale On You
20. Solomon Burke – Why Do Me That Way
21. Robert T. Smith With Toby Pride’s Orch. – Workin’ Again
22. Jimmie Raney & Slim Slaughter –
You Drink Too Much Booze
23. Henry Moore With Willard Burton And Orchestra – Pretty Baby
24. Mel Alexander And Movin Master’s Band – What A Friend
Side: Mace
25. Paul Gayten ?– Yes You Do Yes You Do
26. Little David – It Hurts Baby
27. Blues Slim – Drivin Me Baby
28. Little Ray – The World Can’t Do Me No Harm
29. Mojo Watson – You Know You Don’t Want Me
30. Sam Baker – Crazy About You Baby
31. Charles Sheffield – Shoo, Shoo Chicken
32. Freddy King – That’s What You Think

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