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Rufus Thomas - The Sun Years, plus…His R&B recordings 1949 – 1956 (CD)


”29 tracks including all known surviving recordings from 1949 – 1956

___ 2 recently discovered sides from his first recording session for Star Talent

___all 8 original 78 rpm discs for Star Talent, Bullet, Chess, Sun, and Meteor. Some of these now for the

first time ever from the first generation-tape

___ 3 recordings from the Memphis Recording Service, not originally issued

___2 original versions of songs Rufus covered (1 by Joe Hill Louis, 1 by Rosco Gordon; previously


___the original version of Hound Dog by Big Mama Thornton

___2 bonus recordings by Rufus’s fellow DJ, Moohah Williams

___ 2 extracts from Rufus on radio WDIA in the 1950s

 a rare radio interview with Daddy Cool

___mastered as only Bear Family can do it! A newly researched 68-page booklet by Martin Hawkins largely based on interviews by himself and Dave Booth, plus

rare photos and adverts.

Rufus Thomas was a one-off: a larger than life character who made as great a contribution to the performance and style

of American music as he did to the recording of it. He saw it all from black vaudeville to rap… and played a major role in

the evolution of African American music.

His earlier R&B recordings have been unjustly obscured by his later role in the development of Stax Records and his

string of soul hits.

But Rufus was – though he always played it down – a damn fine blues and R&B singer in the 1950s. And this is one of

the best cross-sections of African American music you’ll hear from the period. Rufus sings with the Lionel Hampton

band, several Memphis R&B dance bands, and with Sun studio session groups. And, in case we forget, he gave Sun

Records its first hit, Bear Cat.”

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  • 1. I'll Be A Good Boy
  • 2. I'm So Worried
  • 3. Who's That Chick
  • 4. Double Trouble
  • 5. Beer Bottle Boogie
  • 6. Gonna Bring My Baby Back
  • 7. Night Workin' Blues
  • 8. Why Did You Deegee?
  • 9. Crazy About You Baby
  • 10. No More Dogging Around
  • 11. ROSCO GORDON: Decorate The Counter
  • 12. Decorate The Counter
  • 13. Juanita
  • 14. Married Woman -1
  • 15. Married Woman -2
  • 16. I'm Off That Stuff
  • 17. BIG MAMA THORNTON: Hound Dog
  • 18. Bear Cat (The Answer To Hound Dog)
  • 19. Walkin' In The Rain
  • 20. JOE HILL LOUIS: Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle)
  • 21. Tiger Man (King of the Jungle)
  • 22. Save That Money
  • 23. Intro patter to Sepia Swing Club
  • 24. Pink Pussycat Wine
  • 25. MOOHAH: All Shook Out
  • 26. MOOHAH: Candy
  • 27. The Easy Livin' Plan
  • 28. I'm Steady Holdin' On
  • 29. Rufus Thomas on Daddy Cool show

Rufus Thomas