Killer Brew (Feat. Darrel Higham & Helen Shadow) - Same (Käytetty CD)

Killer Brew (Feat. Darrel Higham & Helen Shadow) - Same (Käytetty CD)


Sun-rockabilly tapaista juttua ja omia biisejä.


 Ricky Lee Brawn – Vocal, drums

Helen Shadow – Vocal, rhythm guitar

Darrel Higham – Vocal, lead guitar

Pat Reyford – Drums, bass, tenor sax, steel guitar

Anders Janes – Bass, piano


Introducing a trio of well-known characters from the hepcat scene. These three strong spirits have blended a mixture of established favourites and self-penned originals, along with the very best musical ability and showmanship available, plus a harder hitting Sun-influenced sound. All in all, a most intoxicating cocktail. Pour yourself a large one now! Recorded using vintage recording technology to capture that fat sound for one of the hottest rockabilly sessions ever.

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  • 1. Do me like you do me
  • 2. All night rock
  • 3. Shattered dreams
  • 4. Victory roll
  • 5. Trouble bound
  • 6. Wore me to a frazzle
  • 7. That's the way
  • 8. Special brew
  • 9. Who's been sitting in my chair?
  • 10. I fell in love
  • 11. My little baby
  • 12. One track mind
  • 13. The other side
  • 14. Shooting star