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Shook Boys - Same (10``LP)


Shook Boys are a manic rockabilly band hailing from Toronto, Canada. The band draws inspiration from the 1950s rock and roll era, infusing their music with a modern sound that pushes the boundaries of rockabilly while staying true to its roots.

They don’t play music to fall in love to – they indulge in the nasty rhythms that boil primitive urges to the surface. They write songs about what they know – and what they know ain’t necessarily right; on-the-street information, living up to no one’s standards and living life like there’s no tomorrow. Real recognizes real, & Shook Boys’ approach to music is as authentic as it comes in their always-growing audience’s eyes.

Shook Boys are a talented and dedicated rockabilly band with a promising future. Their commitment to honoring the genre’s roots while pushing it forward sets them apart from other bands in the genre. With their growing fanbase and plans to expand their reach, Shook Boys is a band to watch in the coming years.

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Tuotekoodi SR10-55
Tuottaja Sleazy Records
Vuosi 2024

Side A:
1. Can’t Control
2. Blue Eyes And Black Hair
3. Dead By 22
4. Tell On You

Side B:
1. Love Bandit Jones
2. Miss Anne
3. Oh Annie