Sanchez Mike & The Limboos - Same EP (7 single/EP)

Sanchez Mike & The Limboos - Same EP (7 single/EP)


We now get to the third release of Hot45’s Records with the challenge
of getting together two of the main performers in the European rhythm & blues scene: the extrovert and extravagant Mike Sanchez and the explosive Limboos.
This rock’n’roll veteran of a thousand battles has worked with – The Big Town Playboys, Jeff Beck, Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings, Albert Lee and Imelda May.

Mike has enjoyed a long and distinguished solo career promoting the legacy of Little Richard, Fats Domino, Little Willie Littlefield, Amos Milburn, Junior Parker, etc.
The boogie woogie man born to Spanish immigrants in London’s east end is a master of jump blues from the school of Louis Jordan, cooked with latin, calypso, ska and wild rockin’ sauces into something that can be attested by powerful combos of the genre such as Ray Collins Hot-Club or The Beat from Palookaville.

In this EP he’s joined by a band that has become a classic of the genre after a career of only a few years: The Limboos. A unique sound of agitated r&b with a touch of exotica, a little mambo, echos from Pérez Prado and lots of jazz to get a sound both elegant and danceable.  The fuse is lit.
You’ve been warned!

Mike Sanchez – Voice & Piano
Roi Fontoira – Lead Guitar
Sergio Alarcon – Rhythm Guitar
Santiago Sacristan – Double Bass
Dani Nino – Saxophone

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A1     Let 'Em Rock     1:57
A2     Forever True     3:16
B1     Just A Game     2:45
B2     Walk With Me    3:07