Boppin' B - Saxbomb (CD)

Boppin' B - Saxbomb (CD)


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”Saxbomb” is already the 15th album of the German rock’n’roll and rockabilly band, which was founded in 1985 in Aschaffenburg. Their musical spectrum includes ska, swing, punk and pop, other musical styles that they skillfully integrate into their songs.

Sometimes things seem difficult or hopeless, but the rock’n’rollers of Boppin’B don’t really let such trivialities stop them. Through Corona, original saxophonist Frank Seefeldt has decided to join the band on a part-time basis only. There is no longer just one saxophonist, no – there are now 3. Besides Frank Seefeldt they are Sven Garrecht and Gregor Obermeier. Live they alternate but on the new album they all joined forces. And Boppin’B wouldn’t be the creative gang if the idea for a concept album hadn’t arisen immediately.

Boppin’B history meets saxophone horn section, or simply: ”Saxbomb”. That means, they took some well known (and less known) songs of their own history and reworked them and added a fat sax horn section. The result is simply an album full of unbridled joy and extremely danceable songs in the finest Boppin’B sound. Listening, or even better, buying this album is highly recommended.

An album with songs of their own history newly revised and provided with a fat sax-wind section, full of irrepressible joy of playing and extremely danceable songs in the finest Boppin’B sound.

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Vuosi 2022

1 Boppin‘ B 3:52
2 Untamed Love 3:04
3 Hot Rod Girl 3:32
4 The Chicken And The Hawk 3:19
5 She’s Gone 3:16
6 Rock’N’Roll 2:58
7 I Keep It Simple 2:58
8 Into The Mood 2:45
9 5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days 2:24
10 Young And Free 3:56
11 Swingin’ On Nothing 3:02
12 Sexbomb 2:45
13 Jump ’N’ Stomp 3:34
14 Ridin’ On A Bullet 2:56
15 Lilly Mae 2:33
16 Bim Bam

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