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School is in – at last! ‘I worked and slaved the summer through, doing the things my papa told me to…’ Gary U.S. Bonds nails it. But wait a minute … why be glad? Nagging teachers, getting up early, tedious studying, stuffing your head with stuff you won’t be needing on Lovers Lane?

But then, you will be seeing that cutie again, the one that made eyes at you at the bake sale last May. You can sleep longer, talk jive talk with the other cats and kittens, play pranks, be in-the-know of where to be and where to go! Sounds like fun, after all.

Ahh, school days. Arduous! Ambivalent! Sweet reminiscing, and painful memories! During the 1950s, a new target species was developed – or busted down doors and demanded recognition after centuries of neglect: the teenager. They talked differently, dressed differently, acted weird, smelled funny, and were hard to get by. They seemed to rule their little universe.

One central gathering point to control them, study them, bully them, or try to coax them into usable directions was school. And school is where it all happens – boy meets girl; pimples cause nervous breakdowns; you can’t keep twitching due to itching; and you look for your place in life, your little self, your big dreams. School.

Bear Family Records® honors that most important timespan in all our lives by collecting two volumes of songs about high school, starting with ‘School House Rock, Vol. 1 – School Is In!’.

And what a fine collection it is – surpassing the obvious shooba-dooba of mentally-sentimantely deranged harmony groups, snarly-lipped teenage wonderboys, and other ‘50s cliches. Don Willis’s deranged echo dripping garage rockabilly romp Boppin’ High School Baby rocks side by side with the big city R & B jump of Frankie Lymon’s Waiting in School (Look out Ricky!); John D. Loudermilk’s reflection on the most important school document – the Yearbook – eases through a spheric sci-fi chorus and makes John Waters rush off to write a new movie script about teenagers from outer space, while The Winstons are living proof that music class is a valid alternative to football – learn to play saxophone in no time!

Classics like Frankie Avalon’s Teacher’s Pet stand alongside obscure rockabilly swingers like High School Lover, blending Jerry Lee and Big Bopper mannerisms and icing them with a mean guitar solo!

Don’t miss out on all the fun – buy the CD and feel young. Reminisce and do it all over again. Life is but a school, and there ain’t no golden rule.

Various - School House Rock Vol.1 – School Is In! (CD)


1-CD (Digipak) with 36 page booklet, 34 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

On two individual CDs, Bear Family Records® explores an important stage of life that we have all gone through: School!
34 Songs on this first edition describe what went on at school, the having to go, class tests, teachers – but also the exciting sides, pranks, school parties, romances, love and pain.
The CD provides the soundtrack for our personal journey through time, garage rockabilly like Boppin’ High School Baby, Frankie Lymon’s Waiting in School, John D. Loudermilk’s tearjerker Yearbook, Frankie Avalon’s Teacher’s Pet or rockabilly bangers like High School Lover, and so on and so forth.

In his humorous liner notes, head teacher Roland Heinrich Rumtreiber makes sure that nothing unseemly happens … despite the rock’n’roll.
Fine re-mastering and plenty of illustrations in the booklet round off part one of the school project.

Ei varastossa, vain jälkitoimituksena

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Tuotekoodi BCD17668
Tuottaja Bear Family Records
Vuosi 2024

01 Little School Girl – Wilbert Harrison
02 A.B.C. Rock – Bill Haley and His Comets
03 Waitin’ In School – Frankie Lymon
04 School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell) – Chuck Berry
05 School Of Rock ’n’ Roll – Gene Summers
06 Pretty Little School Girl – Bird Rollins
07 School Is In – Gary U.S. Bonds
08 Letter To A School Girl – The Delcardos
09 School House Rock – Billy Harlan
10 Boppin’ High School Baby – Don Willis
11 The Girl I Walk To School – Joey Dee and The Starliters
12 The Class – Chubby Checker
13 High School U.S.A. – Tommy Fascenda
14 (I Wanna) Dance With The Teacher – The Olympics
15 Talk Of The School – Sonny James with The Eligibles
16 School Girl – The ´5´Royales
17 High School Affair – The Five Chums
18 On Our Way From School – Doug Cornell and The Hot Rods
19 School Bus – The Shades
20 High School Confidential – Jerry Lee Lewis
21 School Bus Love Affair – Wynn Stewart
22 Good Morning Little School Girl – Don & Bob
23 High School Dance – Larry Williams
24 Hey! High School Baby – Benny Joy
25 Little School Girl – Larry Birdsong
26 The Teacher – The Falcons
27 School Bell Dream – The Kalin Twins
28 Yearbook – John D. Loudermilk
29 Platinum High School – Conway Twitty
30 Hey Little School Girl – Artie Lewis
31 School Girl – The Winstons
32 High School Love – Ronnie Allen
33 Teacher’s Pet – Frankie Avalon
34 High School Hall Of Fame – Jimmy Case


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