Scott Jack - Classic Scott 5CD Box set (CD)

Scott Jack - Classic Scott 5CD Box set (CD)


With the exception of Roy Orbison and Elvis, no white rock & roller of the time ever developed a finer voice with a better range than Jack Scott, or cut a more convincing body of work in rockabilly, rock & roll, country-soul, gospel, country-pop, or blues. And it’s all here on this five-CD set, which probably seems at first like more Jack Scott than most of us need. Its 134 tracks include very, very few songs that aren’t worth hearing at least twice (and most a lot more) and have more than their share of surprises. Anyone who laments Scott’s failure to remain a rockabilly artist will be surprised at just how much he brought to country ballads and gospel, as well as the convincingly bluesy approach to rock & roll that he maintained years into his recording career. The handful of rockabilly tracks here, confined to the first half of the first disc (with their stereo mixes appearing on the last one), show Scott as a potential rival to Elvis Presley and Gene Vincent. He found success as more of a ballad singer, however, and never returned to his rock & roll roots for more than a song at a time. At the end of the 1950s, he moved back into the haven of country music, where he’d started in his teen years. The fit wasn’t an ideal one, although Scott was good enough to make an album’s worth of Hank Williams songs a worthwhile venture. This box has it all, mastered about as well as it’s ever likely to be. Moreover, good as everything else is, the producers of this box have saved the best for last — unissued, undated demos a few of which are worth the price of a CD themselves. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

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Disc: 1
1. Greaseball
2. Baby She's Gone
3. You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar
4. Two Timin' Woman
5. I Need Your Love
6. My True Love
7. Leroy
8. With Your Love
9. Indiana Waltz
10. No One Will Ever Know
11. I Can't Help It
12. I'm Dreaming Of You
13. Midgie
14. Save My Soul
15. Geraldine
16. Goodbye Baby
17. The Way I Walk
18. I Never Felt Like This
19. Bella
20. Go Wild Little Sadie
21. What Am I Living For
22. There'll Come A Time
23. Baby Marie
24. Baby, Baby
25. What's In the World Come Over You
26. Good Deal Lucille
27. Oh Little One
28. So Used To Loving You
29. Cruel World
30. Window Shopping
Disc: 2
1. Burning Bridges
2. Your Cheatin' Heart
3. I Can't Escape From You
4. Cold, Cold Heart
5. I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
6. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me
7. Crazy Heart
8. You Win Again
9. Half As Much
10. I'm Sorry For You My Friend
11. Take These Chains From My Heart
12. My Heart Would Know
13. May You Never Be Alone
14. It's My Way Of Loving You
15. My King
16. I'm Satisfied With You
17. Am I The One
18. It Only Happened Yesterday
19. True Love Is Blind
20. Fancy Meeting You Again
21. Cool Water
22. Take My Hand Precious Lord
23. When The Saints Go Marching In (Take 8)
24. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
25. Ezekiel Saw The Wheel
26. Joshua Saw The Battle Of Jericho
27. Little David Play Your Harp
28. Roll Jordan Roll
29. Down By The Riverside
30. Old Time Religion
Disc: 3
1. The Gospel Train
2. I Want To Be Ready
3. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
4. He'll Understand And Say Well Done
5. Lonesome Mary
6. Patsy
7. Is There Something On Your Mind
8. Found A Woman
9. A Little Feeling (Called Love)
10. Now That I
11. A Little Feeling (Called Love)
12. True True Love
13. One Of These Days
14. Strange Desire
15. True, True Love
16. My Dream Come True
17. Steps One And Two
18. Fancy Meeting You Again
19. Sad Story
20. You Only See What You Wanna See
21. I Can't Hold Your Letters (In My Arms)
22. Cry Cry Cry
23. Grizzily Bear
24. The Part Where I Cried
25. If Only (Take 8)
26. Green Green Valley
27. Strangers
28. Laugh And The World Laughs With You
29. Meo Myo
30. All I See Is Blue
Disc: 4
1. There's Trouble Brewin'
2. Jingle Bell Slide
3. I Knew You First
4. Blue Skies (Moving In On Me)
5. I Prayed For An Angel
6. Thou Shalt Not Steal
7. Wiggle On Out
8. What A Wonderful Night Out
9. Flakey John
10. Separation's Now Granted
11. Tall Tales
12. I Don't Believe In Tea Leaves
13. The Road Keeps Winding
14. Looking For Linda
15. Gone Again
16. Don't Hush The Laughter
17. Standing On The Outside Looking In
18. I Hope, I Think, I Wish
19. Let's Learn To Live And Love Again
20. This Is Where I Came In
Disc: 5
1. Save My Soul
2. With Your Love
3. No One Will Ever Know
4. Geraldine
5. I Can't Help It
6. Midgie
7. Indiana Waltz
8. The Way I Walk
9. I'm Dreaming Of You
10. Goodbye Baby
11. Go Away From Here (Cryin' In My Beer)
12. When The Saints Go Marching In (Take 19)
13. If Only ( Take 15)
14. Before The Bird Flies
15. Insane
16. My Special Angel
17. I Keep Changing My Mind
18. Hard Luck Joe
19. Billy Jack
20. Mary, Marry Me
21. May You Never Be Alone
22. Face To The Wall
23. I Still Love You Enough
24. As You Take A Walk Through My Mind
25. You Make It Hard Not To Love You
26. You're Just Gettin' Better
27. Apple Blossom Time
28. Blues Stay Away From Me/Stones
29. Bo's Going To Jail
30. Country Witch

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