Scott Jack - Rocks! (CD)

Scott Jack - Rocks! (CD)


Klassikko matskua! Ei yhtään huonoa biisiä!! Kunnon rockabillyä! Jack Scott was…in every sense…a classic rock ’n’ roll artist, and this new release in our equally classic ’Rocks’ series is

the absolutely, positively definitive collection of Jack Scott’s rock ’n’ roll numbers! From Leroy to Baby She’s Gone to

The Way I Walk and many more, this disc showcases the rocking side of Detroit’s finest rock ’n’ roller. Greasers all over

the world love Jack’s tough guy stance and menacing vocal delivery, so this is the disc to play at the next rumble!

Includes all of Jack’s best rockers from his 1957 ABC-Paramount debut to his classic Carlton and Top Rank material to

his quick stab with Capitol Records to his ’greasers’ last stand’ rockers of 1966 for RCA and Groove.

For the other side of Jack Scott, try out our forthcoming ’Ballads’ series for all of Jack Scott’s hits like What In The

World’s Come Over You and Burning Bridges!

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  • 1. Leroy
  • 2. Two Timin' Woman
  • 3. Goodbye Baby
  • 4. Go Wild Little Sadie
  • 5. I Never Felt Like This
  • 6. The Way I Walk
  • 7. Midgie
  • 8. Save My Soul
  • 9. Baby She's Gone
  • 10. Geraldine
  • 11. What Am I Living For
  • 12. Baby, Baby
  • 13. Good Deal Lucille
  • 14. Cruel World
  • 15. Lonesome Mary
  • 16. Patsy
  • 17. Found A Woman
  • 18. One Of These Days
  • 19. True True Love
  • 20. Strange Desire
  • 21. Grizzily Bear
  • 22. Meo Myo
  • 23. Wiggle On Out
  • 24. Flakey John
  • 25. The Road Keeps Winding
  • 26. Greaseball

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