Shakers - Same (Käytetty CD)

Shakers - Same (Käytetty CD)


The Shakers are a British rockin’ ’club’ act. Track 10 is the Restless song and track 15 is a Bluecats original. Basically, we are a three piece mondo rock-a-billy/r’n’r band with a passion for the fifties. What we are trying to do is create our own style whilst keeping the fifties feel. As you know, this can be a hard bridge to cross but we have a strong belief that the music of the fifties will continue to thrive, as you will apreciate when you hear the music of Brian Setzer, Mark Harman and Darrel Higham. At the moment, we only have a hand full of gigs under our belt, but BOY! We’re havin some fun. Been together for about 12 months now, myself and the drummer Chris play with the WildKatz, the bass player John has been off the scene for a while and is ready and rearing to go. I live in Stourport-on-Severn, Chris lives in Atherstone and John lives in Brum. Influences come from Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, Brian Setzer, John Lee Hooker, Curtis Gordon, Eddie Cochran, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Big Band Swing, Restless, Darrel Higham and of course THE KING!!!”Dave – The Shakers”

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  • 1. Goin' down that road
  • 2. Cast iron arm
  • 3. Dig the boogie
  • 4. Well I knocked bim bam
  • 5. Please don't touch
  • 6. Shout back
  • 7. Your baby blue eyes
  • 8. Break neck bop
  • 9. I'm coming home
  • 10. Ice cold
  • 11. You don't love me
  • 12. Bye bye Johnny
  • 13. Red hot rocking blues
  • 14. Slippin' in
  • 15. Wild night

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