Various - Buffalo Bop - Shaky Doll (CD)

Various - Buffalo Bop - Shaky Doll (CD)


26 tracks – 12 pages booklet

A thematic compilation CD album with very rare Rockabilly and Rock and Roll titles from the 50s to the early 60s.

The Buffalo Bop CD album series from Dee Jay Records is an excellent addition to the Bear Family Records Rockabilly and Rock and Roll album series That’ll Flat Git It. Each of these Buffalo Bop CDs includes a 12-20 page booklet with rare label photos and artist photos. All recordings have been painstakingly overdubbed from the original Rockabilly and Rock and Roll singles in the company’s own Dee Jay Records Studio in Hamburg, Germany, and re-recorded without any loss of sound.

On the Buffalo Bop CDs you will find very rare hits that cost a fortune on the original vinyl records. The CD album series is a logical continuation of the Bison Bop vinyl LP series. The name Bison Bop was no longer allowed to be used and was changed to Buffalo Bop. The Buffalo Bop CD series was launched in 1993 by Dee Jay Records.

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Tuottaja Buffalo Bop
Vuosi 2021

01 I’m Ready Betty Nickell
02 Boogie Rock Connie & The Cyttion
03 You’re My Tarzan Little Gracie
04 Shaky, Shaky Shim Rosalie Long
05 Stick Em Up, Stuck Up Jill Corey
06 Wherever You Are Linda Brannon
07 I’ll Come Running Brenda Burns
08 Forbidden Fruit Anita Ellis
09 Hazel Eyes Norma Nelson
10 Skull & Crossbones Sparkle Moore
11 Comma-Long Connie & The Cytations
12 Oh Boy Jackie Deshannon
13 So Fine The Green Men & Misty
14 Sixteen Teens Little Gracie
15 Lollypop Baby The Rhythm Rockets
16 I Ain’t Gonna Be Your Baby But One Time Sue Golden
17 Talk A Dance Carol Gerrior
18 From A Castle Kicker Debby Worth
19 Rock-A-Bop Sparkle Moore
20 I Hate Men Little Carolyn Sue
21 Get Your Fix On Faith Avenue, Man Lillian Robinson
22 Hop, Skip And Jump Hank & Ramona Donovan
23 Crossin’ My Fingers Kaye Crowe
24 Wine Woman And Song Loretta Lynn
25 Tall Paul Jody Harriet
26 Bye Bye Baby The Teenettes

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