Shannon Del - I Go To Pieces (Käytetty CD)

Shannon Del - I Go To Pieces (Käytetty CD)


At the time this 16-song collection was put together at the end of the 1980s, it was intended to fill some major gaps in Del Shannon’s CD and LP catalog, and Shannon himself appreciated the effort. He has since passed on, and, ironically, the major part of his catalog is now available on CD. Some of the songs on this collection, including the title track, are now available elsewhere, but some of the best, such as You Never Talked About Me” (a catchy, dramatic love song that he sang in the movie It’s Trad, Dad) and the gorgeous ”Ginny in the Mirror” and ”Don’t Gild the Lily, Lily,” are unique to I Go to Pieces.”

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  • 1. Misery
  • 2. Wide Wide World
  • 3. Ginny in the Mirror
  • 4. You Never Talked About Me
  • 5. Don't Gild the Lily, Lily
  • 6. I Won't Be There
  • 7. Dream Baby
  • 8. She Thinks I Still Care
  • 9. From Me to You
  • 10. Broken Promises
  • 11. Why Don't You Tell Him
  • 12. Do You Want to Dance?
  • 13. I Go to Pieces
  • 14. Break Up
  • 15. Mary Jane
  • 16. That's the Way Love Is

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