Shotgun - Rockabilly Brothers (CD)

Shotgun - Rockabilly Brothers (CD)


Rockabilly Brothers is a very important contribution to British Rock’n’Roll history. This compilation of original material is from one of the greatest pioneering bands of the British Rockabilly Revival, and is an essential collection from a very important and influential Rock’n’Roll band.. The Legendary South London Rockers: SHOTGUN

The band formed in the mid to late seventies – and these guys are still rocking!

This release will come with a 8page booklet with lots of informations and pictures.


Rockin’ Ray Neale: Lead Vocals / Guitar / Harmonica

Rob ’Apeman’ Murly: Lead Vocals / Upright & Electric Bass

Wild Bob Burgos: Drums / Percussion / Vocals

Dave ’Blind Boy’ Briggs: Guitar

Special Guests:
Noel Brown, Tom Powder, Carlo Edwards: Guitars, Kenneth Swanstrom, Richard Hogan: Piano., Darnell Kellerman: Saxophone, Gemaa Cumming, Emma Stocton: Back Vocals

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  • 1. Loonabilly Rock'n'Roll
  • 2. Hometown Rockin'
  • 3. The Rebel Song
  • 4. Don' Things Right
  • 5. High Tuned
  • 6. Black'n'Blue
  • 7. Nothing For Nothing
  • 8. Honky Tonk Mama
  • 9. Blue By You
  • 10. Lonley Girl
  • 11. Santa's Got Your Letter
  • 12. Quit Yer Foolin' Me
  • 13. Fancy Free
  • 14. We're Gonna Boogie
  • 15. Rockabilly Santa
  • 16. Rockabilly Queen
  • 17. Son Of A Gun
  • 18. Ridin' White Horses
  • 19. Deadwood Stage
  • 20. Rockabilly Brothers

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