Williams Hank - Shreveport Sessions 2LP (180 gram) (LP)

Williams Hank - Shreveport Sessions 2LP (180 gram) (LP)


About Shreveport Sessions (August 1948- May 1949) by Hank Williams:When Hank arrived in Shreveport in August 1948, KWKH’s now legendary Louisiana Hayride (but at the time just one of many popular radio barn dance’s being broadcast across the South) had yet to attract a major act (Elvis, Johnny Cash, Faron Young, Webb Pierce, Jim Reeves, and Slim Whitman all came after), and Hank himself was barely known outside of Montgomery. Hank managed nonetheless to get a spot on the Hayride (sponsored by the Johnnie Fair syrup company), which he held down until May of the following year, when the success of Lovesick Blues” meant that Hank was on to the bright lights of Nashville. During this period (Aug. 1948-May 1949) Hank made a number of recordings, including several acetates that were recorded for KWKH to broadcast when Hank was away on other engagements. This material, almost entirely comprised of Hank singing other artists’ songs, gives fans an enlightening glimpse of Hank’s many influences and how his style developed over the years. However, Hank also recorded acetates of his own material while he was with the Hayride, mostly with Curley Williams, which he sent over to Acuff-Rose in Nashville, and these are also included here.”

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  • 1. You Caused It All By Telling Lies
  • 2. Faded Love And Winter Roses
  • 3. Please Don't Let Me Love You
  • 4. There's No Room In My Heart For The Blues
  • 5. I Wish I Had A Nickel
  • 6. The Waltz Of The Wind
  • 7. At The First Fall Of Snow
  • 8. Leave Me Alone With The Blues
  • 9. I'm Free At Last
  • 10. Blue Love (In My Heart)
  • 11. It Just Don't Matter Now
  • 1. Little Paper Boy
  • 2. Someday You'll Call My Name
  • 3. The Battle Of Armageddon
  • 4. No One Will Ever Know
  • 5. With Tears In My Eyes
  • 6. Thank God
  • 7. Rock My Cradle Once Again
  • 8. Don't Do It Darling
  • 9. Rockin'Chair Money
  • 10. Cool Water
  • 1. Tennessee Border
  • 2. First Year Blues
  • 3. My Main Trial Is Yet To Come
  • 4. Wait For The Light To Shine
  • 5. We Live In Two Different Worlds
  • 6. Roly Poly
  • 7. Swing Wide Your Gate Of Love
  • 8. Dixie Cannonball
  • 9. Sundown And Sorrow
  • 10. The Devil's Train
  • 11. The Old Home
  • 1. Alone And Forsaken
  • 2. Heaven Holds All My Treasures
  • 3. Lost On The River
  • 4. A House Of Gold
  • 5. Singing Waterfall
  • 6. Dear Brother( With Kitty Wells And Johnnie Wright)
  • 7. 'Neath A Cold Gray Tomb Of Stone
  • 8. Time Has Proven I Was Wrong (With Curley Williams)
  • 9. No, Not Now (With Curley Williams)
  • 10. When You're Tired Of Breaking Others Hearts
  • 11. Honey, Do You Love Me, Huh

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