Flores Rosie - Simple Case Of The Blues (LP)

Flores Rosie - Simple Case Of The Blues (LP)


Since her early days on the seminal SoCal country scene at the historic Palomino Club, Rosie Flores has covered a lot of musical ground. Over the course of four decades, she got knee deep in punk, before shifting to alt-country, rockabilly and beyond. Along the way she made history as the first Latino woman to chart in Country Music and joined the ranks of all-time top female guitarists, with features in Guitar Player, Guitar World and Prier Guitar magazines.

Simple Case of the Blues brings Flores back to her earliest inspiration – the blues. Co-produced by Charlie Secton and recorded in Nashville,

Flores has never sounded more soulful.

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Rosie Flores Bluesin kimpussa! Toimii!!

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Video https://youtu.be/xSTmtVk_ikk

1     Love Don't Love Nobody     
2     Mercy Fell Like Rain     
3     I Want To Do More     
4     Simple Case Of The Blues     
5     Drive Drive Drive     
6     Till The Well Runs Dry     
7     If There Was A Way     
8     That's What You Gotta Do     
9     Enemy Hands     
10     Teenage Rampage     
11     If You Need Me

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