Little Milton - Sings Big Blues (CD)

Little Milton - Sings Big Blues (CD)


Back in the mid-60s Chess Records released the iconic Little Milton Sings Big Blues album widely regarded by the late great blues and soul man’s many fans as one of the best of the many long players he released in a career that spanned six decades and two centuries. Now, almost half a century later, Kent has reversed the process by compiling the great southern soul sides that Milton cut in fifteen years plus as a Malaco records artist, to bring you what else – Little Milton Sings Big Soul . Milton’s Malaco albums leaned heavily towards the blues that was his stock-in-trade, but also contained great southern soul songs written by the likes of George Jackson, Phillip Mitchell, Homer Banks, O.B. McClinton, Isaac Hayes & David Porter and Frederick Knight. Those songs alone should be enough to interest any genre aficionado. The great songs and performances featured here are enhanced by the use of real musicians and instrumentation throughout. Milton’s versions of these songs more than hold their own against any of the originals, and even though they span a seventeen-year period the tracks have a uniformity of sound that suggests they might, in fact, all have been cut at the same session. Blues fans still love Milton, as do soul fans all over the world. And although he’s on the soul side, there’s plenty of great music here to keep loves of both genres entertained throughout.

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1. Misty Blue
2. A Nickel And A Nail
3. Rainy Night In Georgia
4. Can t Trust Your Neighbour
5. What Our Love Needs
6. A Man Needs A Woman
7. Caught In The Act (Of Gettin' It On)
8. You Left A Goldmine For A Gold Digger
9. That's The Way I Feel About Cha
10. Gonna Have A Murder On Your Hands
11. I'd Rather Go Blind
12. Strugglin Lady
13. This Time They Told The Truth
14. Mr. And Mrs. Untrue - with Karen Brown
15. Lovable Girl
16. I Had A Talk With My Baby Last Night
17. The End Of The Rainbow
18. We're Gonna Make It

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