Presley Elvis - SOLD OUT! The Rex Martin 8mm Collection Vol. 8 (2xDVD Set) (DVD)

Presley Elvis - SOLD OUT! The Rex Martin 8mm Collection Vol. 8 (2xDVD Set) (DVD)


The frontcover on ‘Sold Out volume 8’ really says it all: this is a man who loves what he is doing. More than anything, Elvis was a live performer. He did his finest work in front of audiences. The fans loved him, and he knew it. Elvis needed to feel that love in order to create, especially in his later years.

That’s why ‘Sold Out’ is such an essential DVD series. If future historians want to get to the core of Elvis Presley on stage in the seventies, then these releases are actually not a bad place to start, as they really capture the nitty gritty of the concert years. In the restorations done for these releases, our focus is on therefore preserving what was originally captured by the filmers. We work with high resolution transfers of their 8mm films, and we try to present these in the best way possible without compromising the authenticity of these films. So no watermarks, no fake stereo effects, no artificially brightening up the colors… what you get from us is an honest quality product, and something that is lasting.

‘Sold Out’ volume 8 brings you almost three hours of unreleased concert film, including plenty of clips from 1970 – 1972, when he was performing at his peak and every show was a knockout. The great tours are represented well: November ’71, April ’72, March ’74… and much, much more. This is another deep dive into the collector vaults, and even though each release is a true ‘escape’, it’s a real pleasure to be able to bring you this rare footage. Keep supporting us and we will release out some genuine surprises that will make your heads spin!

It’s always an honor for us to get the approval from those who actually worked with the man, and to hear from them that they are enjoying the series, and that watching the footage brings back a lot of memories. We are thrilled with the fact that Mr. JIM MURRAY of THE IMPERIALS wrote exclusive liner-notes for this new release, in which he looks back on his friendship with Elvis and also describes beautifully what made Elvis so special, both as a man and as a performer. As many of you know, Murray worked extensively together with Elvis during his comeback period, and he can be seen in the ‘Elvis: That’s The Way It Is’ film from 1970, and heard on albums like ‘On Stage – February 1970’ and the Grammy Award-winning ‘He Touched Me’ (1972).

Packaged in a beautiful digipack with relevant notes and photos, ‘Sold Out volume 8’ is a true must-have for the serious collector. Order your copy today… Volume 9 coming soon!

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Someone asked me to describe some of the highlights, and I thought I might as well send my observations to you as well.

There’s footage from both the dinner & midnight show on February 23, 1972 in Las Vegas. Between these shows, Priscilla told Elvis that she was going to leave him. It’s interesting to see footage from ‘before and after’. No doubt that news must have weighted heavily on his mind during the midnight show.

Plenty of footage from New York ’72. Interesting to see film from the June 10, 1972 evening show, when the album was recorded. Presley is wearing the Eyelet suit, which is currently being auctioned. Pretty clear footage on the ‘That’s All Right’ opening w/ some neat close-ups.

El Paso November ’72 is good, and it includes ‘I’ll Remember You’. Lovely. There’s also a one-liner of ’Old Shep’. Elvis mentions that he will do a lot of the old songs, and he jokingly sings: ”When I was a lad…”.

Seattle ’73 has a surprising starring role for Colonel Tom Parker, who walks in front of the camera several times, as if he is checking out what is going on.

There’s a snatch of ‘Reconsider Baby’ in the Ft. Wayne ’72 footage. So cool to actually see him perform it on this tour. At the beginning of this show, the strap of his guitar seems broken, and he hands it back to Charlie. He performs ‘That’s All Right’ without it, except briefly during JB’s guitar solo.

San Diego ’70 is dynamite, Elvis was a fireball on stage back then. Lots of action.

Nice to see three clips from the March ’74 tour, with Elvis in good form. There’s also two clips from October ’74, where you can see that the energy levels have dropped a notch or two. He seems fine again though in the clips from April & May ’75.

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