Corritore Bob And Friends - Somebody Put Bad Luck On Me (CD)

Corritore Bob And Friends - Somebody Put Bad Luck On Me (CD)


Somebody Put Bad Luck On Me is Bob Corritore’s latest masterpiece collection of newly recorded songs featuring a spectacular offering of today’s top blues artists. Bob’s brilliant harmonica work is the connecting thread, always serving the song. Guest vocalists include Bobby Rush, Thornetta Davis, John Primer, Carl Weathersby, Johnny Rawls, Francine Reed, Oscar Wilson, Eugene Hideaway Bridges, Tia Carroll, Diunna Greenleaf, Willie Buck, Jimi Primetime Smith, Sugaray Rayford, and Lurrie Bell.

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Vuosi 2023

1. This Little Voice (Ft. John Primer)
2. I Need a Whold Lotta Lovin (Ft. Thornetta Davis)
3. Midnight Love (Ft. Johnny Rawls)
4. Somebody Put Bad Luck On Me (Ft. Oscar Wilson)
5. I’m Good As Gone (Ft. Bobby Rush)
6. Stranded (Ft. Carl Weathersby)
7. Remember Me (Ft. Thornetta Davis)
8. I Want To Be Loved (Ft. Tia Carroll)
9. If You Don’t Want To Love Me (Ft. Eugene ”Hideaway” Bridges
10. Goin’ Fishin’ (Ft. Sugaray Rayford)
11. Act Like You Love Me (Ft. Lurrie Bell)
12. Draw Me Closer (Ft. Francine Reed)
13. Tough Enough (Ft. Jimi ”Primetime” Smith))
14. I Don’t Know (Ft. Carl Weathersby)
15. Help the Poor (Ft. Diunna Greenleaf)
16. Let Me Find Out Your Name (Ft. Willie Buck)

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