Son House - Special Rider Blues-1930-42 Mississippi/Wisconsin Recs (2CD) (CD)

Son House - Special Rider Blues-1930-42 Mississippi/Wisconsin Recs (2CD) (CD)


• Eddie James House, Jr., better known as Son House, was one of the initial pioneers and most important exponents of the Mississippi Delta blues.He was the real deal, a gutbucket bluesman possessing a towering “field holler” and the ability to play raw, gritty slide guitar. He worked with Charley Patton, and also played with and taught Robert Johnson guitar in the late Twenties.

• This newly remastered 2-CD release contains Son House’s earliest tunes, including “My Black Mama”, “Preachin’ the Blues”, and “Dry Spell Blues”, among other masterpieces, and opens with an early recording of House’s signature song, the soulful “Death Letter Blues”. The set contains three different sessions recorded by the blues giant in 1930, 1941, and 1942, respectively. These sensational recordings are a treasure of incalculable value, which would form the basis of Son House’s legend and secure his reputation as one of the greatest blues figures of that classic era. It is an indispensable set for any folk-blues devotee.

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CD1 01. Death Letter Blues 02. Special Rider Blues03. Low Down, Dirty Dog Blues04. Am I Right Or Wrong?05. The Jinx Blues &

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