Southern Culture On The Skids - Party at My Trouse 12″ EP (LP)

Southern Culture On The Skids - Party at My Trouse 12″ EP (LP)


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Side 1

PARTY AT MY TROUSE: Mary and Fred have a trash-talking duet fueled by Dixie Peach Wine, greasy boogie riffs and shake-a-butt backbeats. Sure to get any Saturday night off to a good start.

HEY MARY”: Fred and the boys do their best to get Mary to…….Hhhhmmm?...Uhn-uh! While the background music swings smooth as a moonshine martini. This one is for the Hillbilly Hipster.

PAMT UPTOWN EXPLOSION REMIX: The Party gets turned up and inside out by Alap and Jon. Big City meets The Country Funk and catches the bus to Soul City. Go-Go Midnight Cowboy!!!!

Side 2

HEY MARY – DJ KING SMOOTHIE REMIX: Take a trip to the outer limits of the sonic solar system with ass-tro-nutt DJ King Smoothie. His remix is a Latin tinged concoction perfect for a space lounge conga line.

PAMT SKIDZ MIX: Do the Hunch or do the Hustle, it's Studio 54 with a broken screen door - 4 on the floor leave you screaming for more!!!!
*TROUSE: 'traus n: half trailer-half house, common architectural hybrid located primarily in the Rural Southeast of the U.S. A TROUSE is the combination of an offsite manufactured home such as a mobile home or trailer with another connected structure built on site. Stylistically diverse the TROUSE is known to reflect the personality of the owner/occupant and can be considered “folk art” by more progressive art historians.

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