Southern Culture On The Skids - Plastic Seat Sweat (Käytetty CD)

Southern Culture On The Skids - Plastic Seat Sweat (Käytetty CD)


This is a raspberry swirl in a bran-muffin world: bad for you but too good to pass up. On their sixth album, Southern Culture on the Skids offer a tour of white-trash, Americana, hillbilly funk, B-movie instrumentals, road-kill rock–all without leaving their customized Laz-E-Boy. Southern Culture guitarist Rick Miller, bassist Mary Huff, and drummer Dave Hartman genuinely love this music, even as they mock its black-velvet trappings. The highest low points: Banana Puddin,'” an ode to day-old desserts, and ”Carve That Possum,” an Uncle Dave Macon cover that sounds like an in-bred cousin of the blues. When Southern Culture move into the neighborhood, you can bet property values will plummet in reverse ratio to the elevation of your mood. -Keith Moerer”

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  • 1. Shotgun
  • 2. Earthmover
  • 3. Dance for Me
  • 4. Banana Puddin'
  • 5. 40 Miles to Vegas
  • 6. Love-A-Rama
  • 7. Deja Varoom
  • 8. Country Funk
  • 9. Strangest Ways
  • 10. Theme from the Cheaters
  • 11. House of Bamboo
  • 12. Carve That Possum

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