Teen Queens - Sovereigns Of The Jukebox EP (7 single/EP)

Teen Queens - Sovereigns Of The Jukebox EP (7 single/EP)


Betty and Rose Collins with assistance from their brother Aaron created enduring and rhythmic teen rockers.

The African American sisters Betty and Rose Collins from Los Angeles have their pleasing vocals showcased on (KM-EP-115) Zig Zag with The Teen Queens.

The EP comprises four jump tunes booted along with the cream of the Modern/ RPM studio musicians. For the general record-buying public the sisters were one-hit wonders. Flip over their singles and you’d find cut rug dance titles, and the songs are far removed from the teenage innocence of their hit Eddie My Love. The EP is compiled by Marcus Juárez. Our EP’s have; sleeve notes, and the songs mastered for the best possible sound available. The EP is housed in an attractively designed heavy duty cardboard sleeve which has a stunning 1950’s design

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Mitat 18 × 18 × 0,5 cm (senttimetri)

Tuotekoodi KM-EP-115 Limited Edition EP Series
Tuottaja Koko Mojo Records
Vuosi 2021

A1. Lets Kiss
A2. Just Goofed
B1. Baby Mine
B2. Zig Zag

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