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Rapiers - Spotlight on The Rapiers (Best of) (CD)


Culled from existing CDs and added to with the old vinyl EP tracks from ’Live at The Palladium’ (available for the first time on CD) this is about as good an introduction to The Rapiers as you can get. The Rapiers are a long-standing British band excelling in reproducing the pre-Beatle sounds of British rock. The interview was made by Del Richardson with Colin Pryce-Jones, the leading light of The Rapiers, on his famous ’Good Rockin’ Tonight’ show on the legendary Radio Caroline.     On Sunday Feb 12th 1995, The Rapiers appeared at the London Palladium, which was the pinnacle of a career spanning four decades for founder member Colin Pryce-Jones. The Rapiers have attained the same status as many well-known Sixties acts (spending nearly four years with Freddie Garrity as ’Freddie & The Dreamers’), as can be seen by the inclusion of their records in the Record Collector rare records guide. They are also known to be the only group in Britain to have released an all instrumental ten inch vinyl LP.     Being professional musicians, The Rapiers take great pride in re-creating both vocally and instrumentally the sound as well as the look of the early Sixties, and due to the influence of The Shadows a tribute to them is now included in their stage show, which afforded this comment from The Shadows’ rhythm guitarist, Bruce Welch, in a recent magazine article – The Rapiers, as everyone knows, are the top Shadows-type band in the country. Looking at Colin Pryce-Jones is strange, he’s so like Hank”.     The Rapiers’ vocal repertoire encompasses the full range of early British Beat Music, great American rock’n’roll, the best of the Sixties ballads as well as many three part harmony numbers. Their faithful reproduction of ’All things Sixties’ is also carried through to their stage attire and sound equipment which features an original Fender, Vox and Slingerland backline.”

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  • 1. New Orleans
  • 2. Dr. Feelgood
  • 3. Raining in my heart
  • 4. Saturday night at the duckpond
  • 5. Go back to daddy
  • 6. Jack's good
  • 7. I feel like I'm losing you
  • 8. Theme from 'The Avengers'
  • 9. Green jeans
  • 10. Spanish armada
  • 11. Move it baby
  • 12. Peaceful
  • 13. Early morning twist
  • 14. The lynch mob rides again
  • 15. Interview


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