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Hot'n'Cold - Stable stomp (CD)


A lot of time has gone into the land since we released our first record on 7-inch and our second outing on 10-inch. We thought it might be time to release a CD, because we learned, that some of you don’t own a record player any more. So we put together our recordings and recorded some more tracks. Luckily, Andy Widder offered us to become members of the Part Records family and there we are. This platter will show you the variety of Hot’n’Cold’s different styles. It brings you the rawer Rockabilly sound up to more Boppin’ Hillbilly and even Boogie. Always the authentic styles in mind, we try to give our own songs a unique note. So if you have fun with this record and want to hear more from Hot’n’Cold, then you watch out for our next live appearances in your town!”

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  • 1. Slim's boogie (intro)
  • 2. Tennessee
  • 3. There's no fool like an old fool
  • 4. You make me blue
  • 5. You tell me
  • 6. Go hot rod
  • 7. Smokey Joe's barbecue
  • 8. Baby
  • 9. You can't take it with you
  • 10. Whoaw boy
  • 11. Stable stomp
  • 12. Now I know
  • 13. Boppin' Bonnie
  • 14. Honky tonkin' rhythm
  • 15. Play my boogie
  • 16. Snatch it and grab it
  • 17. Teenage blues
  • 18. Are you ready
  • 19. Slim's boogie (outro)