Various - Stax Country (CD)

Various - Stax Country (CD)


As part of Stax’s year-long, 60th anniversary celebration, this collection of long-lost gems from the latter days of the Stax empire, Stax Country highlights the Memphis soul label’s effort to branch out into country music. Although the majority of the tunes on this album never made it to the radio waves, the tracks here stand as a unique time capsule of early 70s country. Includes new liner notes by country biographer and Tony-award winning playwright Colin Escott.

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    1. Sweet Country Music - Becki Bluefield
    2. That Glass - Eddie Bond
    3. Your Love - Joyce Cobb
    4. For Linda (Child in the Cradle) - Paul Craft
    5. The Finer Things in Life - O.B. McClinton
    6. The River's Too Wide -  Karen Casey
    7. Hippy from the Hills - Roland Eaton
    8. I Wanna Be Wrong Right Now - Connie Eaton
    9. All the Love You'll Ever Need - Cliff Cochran
    10. Satisfied Woman - Paige O'Brian
    11. My Girl - Danny Bryan
    12. Long Black Train - Daaron Lee
    13. A Truer Love You'll Never Find - Frank Hobson & Becky Durning
    14. Truck Driver's Heaven - Roger Hallmark
    15. Purple Cow - Dale Yard
    16. A Mom and a Dad for Christmas - Lee Denson

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