Presley Elvis - Such A Night In Pearl Harbor 1961 (CD + Book) (Käytetty CD)

Presley Elvis - Such A Night In Pearl Harbor 1961 (CD + Book) (Käytetty CD)


JOS AIKAKONE OLISI KEKSITTY, NIIN TÄMÄ OLISI SE KONSERTTI, JOSSA HALUAISIN OLLA PAIKALLA!! ELVIS LIVENÄ V. 1961 WOW! MITÄ BIISEJÄ!! Nyt paremmilla soundeilla kuin koskaan aikaisemmin, sekä mukana myös upea 100 sivuinen kirja!

Memphis Recording Service in association with JAT Productions will release the next Elvis Presley titled ’Such A Night in Pearl Harbor’ in March 2012. It will contain a completely new re-mastered CD of Elvis’ performance of the benefit concert recorded at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on March 25th 1961 to aid of the USS Arizona Memorial Fund. The quality is of this concert is far superior than anything of this ever released before and will now be considered, one of the best Elvis concert recordings up until that time. Amazing samples of this will be available in the coming week.Elvis performs 15 songs and sings every one as if it were the first time he had ever presented them to an audience. This includes many #1 hits and includes classics that were never performed previously or again such as ’A Fool Such As I’, ’I Need Your Love Tonight’ and more.Also included for the first time ever, is the 30 minute radio broadcast from Hawaii a week before Elvis’ arrival. It promoted the concert for the memorial fund, playing selected tracks from Elvis’ Christmas and ’His Hand in Mine’ album, released at that time including words by Elvis Presley.As a bonus, the CD is accompanied by a 100 page hard back book that contains many rare photographs with extensive and informative linear notes detailing Elvis’ arrival and performance in Hawaii.

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  • 1. Elvis Arrives In Pearl Harbor Hawaii - 25th March 1961
  • 2. Elvis Receives Honorary Award
  • 3. Intro
  • 4. Heartbreak Hotel
  • 5. All Shook Up
  • 6. (Now and Then There's) A Fool Such As I
  • 7. I Got A Woman
  • 8. Love Me
  • 9. Introductions
  • 10. Such A Night
  • 11. Reconsider Baby
  • 12. I Need Your Love Tonight
  • 13. That's All Right
  • 14. Don't Be Cruel
  • 15. One Night
  • 16. Are You Lonesome Tonight 3:19 17. It's Now or Never 3:00
  • 18. Swing Down Sweet Chariot
  • 19. Hound Dog
  • 20. Elvis Salutes the USS Arizona - (Part 1)
  • 21. Elvis Salutes the USS Arizona - (Part 2)
  • 22. Elvis Salutes the USS Arizona - (Part 3)
  • 23. Elvis Salutes the USS Arizona - (Part 4)
  • 24. Elvis Salutes the USS Arizona - (Part 5)
  • 25. Elvis Salutes the USS Arizona - (Part 6)
  • 26. Elvis Salutes the USS Arizona - (Part 7)

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