Presley Elvis - Summer of ’56 (DVD)

Presley Elvis - Summer of ’56 (DVD)


This is one-hour documentary is the story of Elvis Presley’s first fiancé, June Juanico, from the Summer of 1956. We’re presented with 2 stories: We see the love story between Elvis and June and in the background the rise to national fame of Elvis in the summer of 56 with his first national No. 1 hit ’Heartbreak Hotel’ and his famous T.V. appearances. June talks openly about the summer she spent with Elvis and doesn’t look back in anger on breaking up with Elvis. She just retains and holds dear, the great memories she shared with Elvis

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Mitat 19 × 13.5 × 1.4 cm

Tuottaja MVD
Kesto 60 min
Vuosi 2021

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