Various - Summertime Scorchers 4 (CD)

Various - Summertime Scorchers 4 (CD)


Mark and Henrique are your jovial barmen and party-makers for the fourth edition of Summertime Scorchers. Slip on some beach wear, raise a glass, turn up your CD player, and enjoy Footprints in the Sand which contains thirty rockin’ “sunsational” sounds from the golden years of 1957-1963. Our albums have; stunning designs, sleeve notes, and songs mastered for the best possible sound. The disc is housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future! Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany

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Vuosi 2023

01 Bill James School´s Out (James, Bradshaw) Mun-Rab 1959
02 Chuck Tharp Long Pony Tail (Tharp) Top Rank 1960
03 Bobby Hardin I’m Loving You Baby (Hardin) Westwood 1960
04 Joe Jones California Sun (Glover) Roulette 1961
05 The Mark IV 45 R.P.M. (Mascari, Wenzlaff) Cosmic 1958
06 Ted Forbes The Flirt (Forbes, Martin) Modern Sound 1958
07 Jimmy Simms Thunderbirds Twistin’ On The Beach (no credit) Peppermint Lounge 1962
08 Baymen Bonzai (Anderson, Buxton Jr.) Merri 1963
09 The Hulawai’ns Hawaiian Rock ’n’ Roll (Stebbing) Zodiac 1957
10 Hank Price III Your True Love (Perkins) Strut 1962
11 Lucy Rivera Ific (Lewis, Bradford) End 1959
12 Johnny O’Keefe You Excite Me (Marcucci, De ‘Angelis) Festival 1959
13 The Five Keys From The Bottom Of My Heart (Willis) Capitol 1962
14 Otis Williams Red Hot Love (Oo This Love) (Stone) Deluxe 1958
15 The Marcels Footprints In The Sand (Elias, Reid, Richards) Colpix 1962
16 Tony Dee Make You My Queen (Luciano) Du-Well 1961
17 The Four Winds Short Shorts (Austin, Gaudio) Décor 1958
18 Darryl Vincent Wild Wild Party (Vincent) Sandy 1959
19 Ricky Nelson Good Rockin’ Tonight (Brown) Imperial EP 1958
20 Jan Moore Head Over Heels In Love (McPherson) Boyd 1961
21 Nick Todd At The Hop (Singer, Medora, White) Dot 1957
22 The Utopians Hurry To Your Date (Gilbert, James) Imperial 1962
23 Micki Marlo Little By Little (McCoy, Owens) ABC-Paramount 1956
24 The Jewels Rickety Rock (Torrance, Ray) Imperial 1956
25 Bee Bee Queen Wanna Be Loved (All Nite Long) (Miller, Smith) Hull 1956
26 Carla Thomas Dance With Me (Lebish, Glick, Treadwell, Nahan) Atlantic LP 1961
27 The Sportesmen Sand Storm (Sportesmen) A Records 1959
28 Freddy Cannon What’s Gonna Happen When Summers Done (Feldman, Gottehrer, Goldstein) Swan 1962
29 The Argyles Vacation Days Are Over (Casamassima, Pettas, D´Ambrisi, DeMasco) Brent 1959
30 David Hill Living Doll (Bart) Kapp 1959

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