Surf Rats - Strange Things Happen Here At Midnight EP (Red) (7 single/EP)

Surf Rats - Strange Things Happen Here At Midnight EP (Red) (7 single/EP)


The Surf Rats have been touring and recording their own unique style of psychobilly since the dawn of the UK scene in the early 1980’s.

The band’s original line-up recorded two classic “must-have” psychobilly albums for Lost Moment Records.

During the decline of the psychobilly scene in the 1990’s, the original line-up continued to perform and record under different names, moving more towards a rockabilly sound. Driven by frontman Gaz Marson (songwriter, guitar, and vocals), the band toured extensively in America in 2001 and 2002 as the Love Cowboys. With the new rockabilly/psychobilly sound, The Love Cowboys were on tour promoting their release of two albums. The last album, Sex Kill A GoGo, was released exclusively for the US market on Big Bender Records.

In 2008, Gaz Marson put together a new line-up with the well known talents of both Fantomas on bass (Kings of Nuthin’/ex-F.Flintstones and Astro Zombies) and Gaybeul on drums (Sex Toys, ex-Astro Zombies and Rhumba Kings). The Surf Rats have always been a progressive band with an original sound but now are bigger, better and faster than ever. Although the band has maintained their psychobilly roots, they didn’t comeback copying their old material from the 80’s. The new sound fits in with today’s psychobilly genre and is also attracting audiences through out the rock n’ roll scenes.

Gaz Marson : Lead vocal/guitar
Gaybeul : drums/b. vocal
Thomas : upright bass/b. vocal

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A1 : Strage things happen here at midnight

B1: Nightmare man

B2: Bodysnatchers

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