Various - Swinging In The Tombs Of Egypt Vol. 1 – Reloaded! (10``LP)

Various - Swinging In The Tombs Of Egypt Vol. 1 – Reloaded! (10``LP)


Limited to 500 copies and numbered. Handpackaged DIY-style!

About 40 years ago I started a fanzine titled The Glitterhouse. The first bands I wrote about were The Bongoes, Go-Betweens and Josef K. Soon other writers joined the fold and the contents progressed towards Garage Punk old (Chocolate Watchband etc.) and new (Fuzztones etc.), Australian classics (Radio Birdman etc.) and new bands (Trilobites etc.) as well as Cramps-related stuff (Tav Falco, Sting-Rays) and their influences (Link Wray, Trashmen).About 2-3 years after the beginning a certain Hank Ray who had just started his band The Raymen also became part of the Glitterhouse writer crew. At the time I started a small mailorder (which is still active) with a bag of Citadel 7“-es I carried home from an Australian visit. We also sold some cassettes. Among them was a series called Swinging In The Tombs Of Egypt which was compiled by Hank. Four C-90 musicassettes stuffed to the brim with Surf instrumentals and (then) obscure Rockabilly. He opened a whole new world for me.When I started to think about the Stag-O-Lee-500-Series the Swinging From The Tombs Of Egypt cassettes immediately came to mind. But nobody had the cassettes anymore, which we copied 1:1 on a double cassette deck at the time, xeroxed the cover and it was yours for 12 German Marks. Thankfully Hank is a well organized person and he found the original cassette inlays with the tracklistings as well as a fifth unreleased cassette.What Stag-O-Lee is doing now is re-creating the 38-year old Swinging ITTOE C-90 MC’s in the 500 series. From track 1 of Volume 1 to the last track of the unreleased fifth cassette. We are talking about fifteen 10“-es here and I hope you want them all.

This is cult! -Stagman

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Paino 0,3 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat 26 × 26 × 0,5 cm (senttimetri)
Tuottaja Stag-O-Lee
Vuosi 2022

A1 The String Kings– The Bash
A2 Benny Joy– Money Money
A3 The Busters – Bust Out
A4 Ron Thompson– Switchblade
A5 The Reekers– Grindin
A6 The Frantics– Werewolf
B1 Dick Dewayne Combo– Witchcraft
B2 Bobby Gibson – B-52
B3 The Rumblers– Boss
B4 The Zakons– Trackin
B5 Bob Vidone– Weird
B6 The Montereys (2)– Rocker

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