Epileptic Hillbilly`s - Take 2 (clear/black marbled, Ltd) (LP)

Epileptic Hillbilly`s - Take 2 (clear/black marbled, Ltd) (LP)


90 copies made! clear/black marbled!
+ printed inlay

The Epileptic Hillbillys are back! Not only that, but stronger than ever!

This is the album that we all feared would never happen. 2 years ago after releasing their second album and just as the band were starting to take off the band stopped dead in their tracks.

Popular front-man Billy Oxley was struck down with a series of almost fatal heart attacks and other health complications. By some miracle not only has he survived…. but the band has re-emerged with their best album to date – by a mile!

The band have been on the road again too, with dates in UK, Finland and Spain. This is going to be a big seller. Get yours now!

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Mitat 35 × 35 × 0.5 cm

Tuottaja Crazy Love Records
Vuosi 2021

1. Return Of The Wolfman
2. Rain
3. Alabama Monster Man
4. For Heaven’s Sake
5. Boom
6. Payback Blues
7. Silly games
8. No Way
9. You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Nothin’
10. Promises
11. No More Hot Dogs
12. The Day You Leave This Planet

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