Tampa Red - Dynamite! The Unsung King Of The Blues 2CD (CD)

Tampa Red - Dynamite! The Unsung King Of The Blues 2CD (CD)


Tampa Red’s influential later recordings for RCA Victor (1945-53) have never been officially reissued on CD and rarely on LP, yet are a crucial element in the post-war blues canon.

Many of his songs were covered by B.B. King, Muddy Waters and other top bluesmen. They feature the majestic piano of latter-day Elmore James sideman, Johnny Jones and include the harmonica of Big Walter Shakey Horton and Sonny Boy Williamson II.

Ace have the original RCA session sheets from Sony for the booklet’s discography plus an essay from Jim O Neal and introduction by co-compiler John Broven. There are four previously unissued tracks but none are available on authorised CD, not even on OOC releases. Comes over as new even to the most diehard blues collector, and fills a big void in the blues reissue field.

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Disc: 1
1. Evalena (Take A)
2. Big Stars Falling Blues
3. Ramblers Blues
4. If I Don't Find Another True Love
5. So Crazy About You Baby
6. If She Don't Come Back
7. So Much Trouble
8. I'll Never Let You Go
9. Too Late Too Long
10. Got A Mind To Leave This Town
11. I'm Gonna Put You Down
12. But I Forgive You
13. Look A There, Look A There
14. She's A Cool Operator
15. I Won't Let Her Do It
16. Green And Lucky Blues
17. Early In The Morning
18. She's Dynamite
19. Pretty Baby Blues
20. Sweet Little Angel
21. Midnight Boogie
22. I Miss My Lovin' Blues
23. 1950 Blues
24. Love Her With A Feeling
25. It's Good Like That
Disc: 2
1. New Deal Blues
2. That's Her Own Business
3. It's Too Late Now
4. It's A Brand New Boogey
5. When Things Go Wrong With You (It Hurts Me Too)
6. Please Try To See It My Way
7. Keep Jumping
8. I'll Dig You Sooner Or Later
9. Roaming And Rambling
10. I Know My Baby Loves Me
11. You Better Woo Your Baby
12. Let's Try It Again
13. Crying Won't Help You
14. Play Proof Woman
15. Corrine Blues
16. Detroit Blues
17. I Got My Habits On
18. Mary Lou Blues
19. Let Me Play With Your Poodle
20. My First Love Blues
21. She Want To Sell My Monkey
22. Mean And Evil Woman
23. Don't Deal With The Devil
24. You'd Better Be Ready To Go
25. Texas Stomp

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