Boogie Punkers - The Brooklyn Session (LP)

Boogie Punkers - The Brooklyn Session (LP)


”THE BOOGIE PUNKERS ARE BACK!!!! Recorded at Atlantic Sound Studios in Brooklyn, New York, while they were looking the Broadway skyline of The Drifters and drinking in bars where Don DiMucci´s still venerated. De Niro´s voice still sound in the back alley, threatenin´ any pimp.

Recorded live in the studio, building their own wall of sound from inspiration and technique. You can hear Bo Diddley´s riffs in I´m Not You, a little bossa in Happy Loleliness; I´m Fine is their walk for the american landscape playin´ the Blues.

The record carry on with more influences, between boogie and punk, with swing guitars and fury snatchs. They take the Duke Ellington´s Train A from New York to Bilbao where the weekend starts at Hank on Tuesday. The Cole Porter´s tribute in My Baby, the Johnny Kidd´s psychotic riffs…

They don´t play Surf, they don´t play Rockabilly, they don´t play Psycho or Swing, they don´t play Blues or Garage. They play what they play at they do it to the max!!!”

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