McGhee Sticks - The Chronological 1951-1959: Classics Rhythm & Blues Serie (CD)

McGhee Sticks - The Chronological 1951-1959: Classics Rhythm & Blues Serie (CD)


Concluding the Sticks McGhee story, this collection features the remaining twenty four issued tracks he recorded under his own name, terminating with the single he recorded in 1955 for Herald Records, just a year before he died (in his early ’40s). The Atlantic session that kicks off this CD, featuring his brother Brownie McGhee on guitar and vocals, was Stick’s last for the record label which took him to the top while the three King sessions that make up the bulk of this collection include a welter of Big Apple session talent, and includes the hillbilly-like Whiskey Women” and ”Loaded Dice,” a song that would be smartly covered by Jack Cardwell for King’s Country series.”

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  • 1. Wee Wee Hours Part 1
  • 2. Wee Wee Hours Part 2
  • 3. New Found Love Meet You in The Morning
  • 4. My Little Rose
  • 5. No More Revielle
  • 6. Little Things We Used To Do
  • 7. Blues In My Heart And Tears In My Eyes
  • 8. Whiskey Women And Loaded dice
  • 9. Head Happy With Wine
  • 10. I'm Doin' All This Time
  • 11. Dealin' From The Bottom
  • 12. The Wiggle Waggle Woo
  • 13. Jungle Juice
  • 14. Ease My Worried Mind
  • 15. Things Have Changed
  • 16. Travelin' On
  • 17. Help Me Baby
  • 18. Double Crossin' Liquor
  • 19. Six To Eight
  • 20. Get Your Mind Out of The Gutter
  • 21. Sad, Bad, Glad Money Fever
  • 22. Sleep In Job
  • 23. Meet You In The Morning
  • 24. Money Fever