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Da Gous Ket Ramblers - The Complete Session 1997-1999 (Käytetty CD)


Da Gous Ket Ramblers is a French Cajun band. Remember, the origins of Cajun music lie in France, so this could be the authentic stuff. It sure sounds like it, with a lovely ’loose’ feel to the sound. It comes in ’Digipak’ format.


…..It is also a great spot to check out a skillful acoustic band like Da Gous Ket Ramblers. All of these guys from France can really play, I was mightily impressed with fiddler Paul Suzen, and vocalist Rodolphe Guiheux (who had played an unusual and fun DJ set of similar material the day before) captures a south-western American accent perfectly. Exquisite, stripped down, pure hillbilly with a hint of cajun is the order of the day with the Ramblers. The small pub was packed with cheering punters who lapped up the country boogies with a rockin beat.”

Bill Smoker”

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  • 1. Devil in the bayou
  • 2. Linda Mae
  • 3. Square dab from the country
  • 4. Don't you be blue, Linda Lou
  • 5. Bayou ball
  • 6. Ten gallon boogie
  • 7. Al dente
  • 8. Pistol boogie
  • 9. Bicycle rag
  • 10. Allons á Lafayette
  • 11. Acadian two step
  • 12. Birthday cake
  • 13. Le queu de tortue
  • 14. Moi et ma belle
  • 15. Luoisiana boogie
  • 16. Trapez moi mon capot
  • 17. Allons s'marier cherie!
  • 18. Nancy Jane
  • 19. Rosebud and you
  • 20. I'd be sweet talkin' you
  • 21. Blue flame
  • 22. Katie-Q
  • 23. Lover
  • 24. I'm gonna tear your playhouse down
  • 25. Country hick
  • 26. Fiddle on a stroll

Da Gous Ket Ramblers