Biller And Wakefield - The Hot Guitars Of (Käytetty LP/12)

Biller And Wakefield - The Hot Guitars Of (Käytetty LP/12)


Most country musicians in 1999 have never even heard of Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West, much less take their artistic cues from them. Guitarist Dave Biller (who also plays with the all-acoustic Asylum Street Spankers) and steel wiz Jeremy Wakefield don’t quite match the intensity and all-around explosiveness of the original duo, but then again, no one else has either. Instead, the two opt for a smoother, cooler approach. Although there are hints of hillbilly boogie and Western swing, this is really a straight country-jazz record full of engaging, superbly played Buddy Emmons-style bop. Assisted at times by Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys, most notably fluid pianist Sonny Leyland, the pair show a strong absorption of jazz style and technique and an overriding jazz sensibility–even down to Wakefield’s Lady Be Good” quote on ”Biller Barges In.””

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  • 1. George's Bad Day
  • 2. Martian Guts
  • 3. Them There Shoes
  • 4. Chicken At An Exhibition
  • 5. Steel Crazy - Big Sandy
  • 6. Foggy Island
  • 7. Biller Barges In
  • 8. The Wandering Texan
  • 9. Grinding Gears
  • 10. I Don't Mind
  • 11. Siamese Strings
  • 12. Night In Topeka
  • 13. Good Enough
  • 14. Guitars On Fire

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