Vaughan Jimmie - The Jimmie Vaughan Story (Deluxe Edition 5CD Set, 12-inch Vinyl, 2×7-inch Singles & Book) (CD)

Vaughan Jimmie - The Jimmie Vaughan Story (Deluxe Edition 5CD Set, 12-inch Vinyl, 2×7-inch Singles & Book) (CD)


Deluxe box contains a five CD set and book plus full-size replica of the front cover of this box individually autographed by Jimmie, 12″ vinyl edition of Jimmie’s Do You Get The Blues? album, 7″ vinyl 45rpm single of ”Roll, Roll, Roll” in a picture sleeve, 7″ vinyl 45rpm single of ”Out Of The Shadows” in a picture sleeve. Special edition of the Rodder’s Journal featuring Jimmie’s collection of cars. The Jimmie Vaughan Story is a limited-edition celebration of his 70th birthday in 2021. It features many rarities and previously unreleased recordings. Jimmie’s self-penned story is told in the 240-page book which is fully illustrated with over two hundred photos and images from his private collection and photographers including Blake Burwell, Susan Antone, Tracy Hart, Watt Casey and others, many of which are unpublished until now. With a total running time of over six hours of music, this CD anthology (which is not available in digital format) showcases Jimmie’s signature style from his early days in Storm and then the Fabulous Thunderbirds, through his solo career right up to 2020. It includes examples of his work with Albert Collins, Art Neville, B. B. King, Bill Carter, Billy F. Gibbons, Bo Diddley, Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy, Charlie Musselwhite, Delbert McClinton, Denny Freeman, Doyle Bramhall, Dr. John, Eric Clapton, James Cotton, Jimmy Rogers, John Lee Hooker, Lazy Lester, Little Milton, Lou Ann Barton, Mike Flanigin, Omar Kent Dykes, Robert Cray, Soul Man Sam, Storm, Sue Foley, Susan Tedeschi, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and The Vaughan Brothers – with his brother Stevie Ray.

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Vuosi 2021

– Disc 1 –
1 Please Don’t Lie to Me. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
2 She’s Tuff. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
3 Why Get Up. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
4 Sugar-Coated Love. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
5 Marked Deck. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
6 Runnin’ Shoes. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
7 Wrap It Up. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
8 Can’t Tear It Up Enuff. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
9 The Crawl. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
10 You’re Humbuggin’ Me. the Fabu-Lous Thunderbirds
11 Walkin’ to My Baby. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
12 Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White. the Fabulous Thunderbirds That’s Enuff of That Stuff. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
13 Things I Forgot to Do. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
14 Los Fabulosos Thunderbirds. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
15 Tip on in. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
16 I Believe I’m in Love. the Fabulous Thun-Derbirds
17 How Do You Spell Love? the Fabulous Thunderbirds
18 You Ain’t Nothin’ But Fine. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
19 Tuff Enuff. the Fabulous Thun-Derbirds
20 Rich Woman. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
21 Give Me All Your Lovin’. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
22 Powerful Stuff. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
23 Mathilda. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
24 My Babe. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
25 Look Watcha Done. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
26 Learn to Treat Me Right. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
– Disc 2 –
1 Dirty Work Is Going on. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
2 Don’t Lie to Me. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
3 I Can’t Quit You Baby. the Fabulous Thunder-Birds
4 The Wrecker. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
5 Come on. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
6 I Feel So Bad. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
7 Mathilda. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
8 Wait on Time. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
9 Harbor Lights. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
10 Look at That, Look at That. the Fabu-Lous Thunderbirds
11 It Comes to Me Naturally. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
12 Rock This Place. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
13 Hot Number. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
14 Rainin’ in My Heart. the Fabulous Thunderbirds
15 Willie the Wimp. Bill Carter with Jimmie Vaughan
16 Cold Cold Feeling. Albert Collins with Jimmie Vaughan
17 You’re Sweet. Jimmy Rodgers with Jimmie Vaughan
18 Sugar Coated Love. Lou Ann Barton with Jimmie Vaughan
19 Good Texan. the Vaughan Brothers
20 D/FW. the Vaughan Brothers
– Disc 3 –
1 Led Sled. Denny Freeman with Jimmie Vaughan
2 Boom Bapa Boom. Jimmie Vaughan
3 Don’t Cha Know. Jimmie Vaughan
4 Hey Yeah. Jimmie Vaughan
5 Take Your Time Son. Doyle Bramhall with Jimmie Vaughan
6 He’s Got a Key. Bo Diddley with Jimmie Vaughan
7 Cool Lookin’ Woman. Jimmie Vaughan
8 Dengue Woman Blues. Jimmie Vaughan
9 Six Strings Down. JV with Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Dr. John, Art Neville
10 SRV Shuffle. JV with Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Dr. John, Art Neville
11 Texas Flood. Jimmie Vaughan
12 Out There. Jimmie Vaughan
13 The Ironic Twist. Jimmie Vaughan
14 Positively Meant to Be. Jimmie Vaughan
15 I Don’t Live Here Anymore. JV with Delbert McClinton
– Disc 4 –
1 Boom Boom. John Lee Hooker with Jimmie Vaughan
2 I’m Your Bread Maker Baby. Lazy Lester with Jimmie Vaughan
3 Deep End. Jimmie Vaughan with James Cotton
4 Dirty Girl. Jimmie Vaughan
5 When Did You Leave Heaven. Jimmie Vaughan
6 You Upset My Mind. Jimmie Vaughan
7 Let the Good Times Roll. JV with Susan Tedeschi
8 Bad Boy. Charlie Musselwhite with Jimmie Vaughan
9 What Am I Living for. Lou Ann Barton with Jimmie Vaughan
10 I Miss You So. Jimmie Vaughan / Roll, Roll, Roll. Jimmie Vaughan Why, Why, Why. Jimmie Vaughan
11 One Mint Julep. Jimmie Vaughan
12 I Ain’t Never. Jimmie Vaughan
13 I Hang My Head and Cry. Jimmie Vaughan
14 What Makes You So Tough. Jimmie Vaughan
– Disc 5 –
1 I Like It Like That. Jimmie Vaughan
2 Wine, Wine, Wine. Jimmie Vaughan with Billy F. Gibbons
3 That’s What Love Will Make You Do. Little Milton with Jimmie Vaughan
4 Shake a Hand. Jimmie Vaughan
5 The Pleasure’s All Mine. Jimmie Vaughan with Bonnie Raitt
6 Dirty Work at the Crossroads. Jimmie Vaughan
7 The Lucky Ones. Sue Foley with Jimmie Vaughan
8 Hoochie Coochie Man. Jimmie Vaughan with Soul Man Sam
9 All Night Long. Mike Flanigin with Jimmie Vaughan
10 Have You Ever Loved a Woman. Storm
11 Coming Home. Storm
12 Monday Night BB Blues. Storm
13 Texas Flood. Jimmie Vaughan with the Texas Longhorn Band Shackles on Me. Jimmie Vaughan
14 Lightnin’s Boo-Gie. Jimmie Vaughan
15 Six Strings Down. Jimmie Vaughan
16 No One to Talk to (But the Blues). Jimmie Vaughan
17 Baby, Please Come Home. Jimmie Vaughan
– Disc 6 –
1 Dirty Girl
2 Out of the Shadows
3 The Deep End
4 Power of Love
5 Without You
6 Let Me in
7 Robbin’ Me Blind
8 Slow Dance Blues
9 In the Middle of the Night
10 Planet Bongo
– Disc 7 –
1 Roll, Roll, Roll
2 Out of the Shadows
– Disc 8 –
1 Don’t Let the Sun Set (Part 1)
2 Don’t Let the Sun Set (Part 2)

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