Torment - The Lost Demo EP (7 single/EP)

Torment - The Lost Demo EP (7 single/EP)


Here it is the longawaited four track EP with the lost demo recordings of Psychobillylegends TORMENT!!

I think I don’t have to say much about the band, so Simon Brand (R.I.P.) and the boys are legends.

That original demotape was handed to me ages ago by original bandmembers, with the regard to release it one day!!!

I thought about it for a long time and here we go now.

From february 1986 you get the original demotape on vinyl!!!! These track been recorded BEFORE the band went into

the spotlight of stardom with their later re-recorded versions of My Dream ” and ”The Source” on Zorch Factor one.

Our mastermind behind the desks , Holly Burnette (Mad Sin founder member) done a ace job with keep the spirit of those 3 mono

and 1 stereo recordings alive. So you can hear the band jokin’ around whilst recordings ”Death Trail” and on all recordings the

double bass is much heavier than on the later made recordings.

Our artdirector Johnny Montezuma done a brilliant and stilish artwork too, so here you get a perfect ”hidden treasure” on wax.

It’s very important that you all know that this records is:

A.) limited to 500 +/- copies ( no re-release)

B.) this record is NOT a bootleg, we spoke with all survived bandmembers, the old label and Simon Brands widow. So all confirmations are made!!!

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  • 1. Death Trail
  • 2. Right Turn
  • 1. Nightmare
  • 2. The Source

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