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Sinks Earl - The Man With 1000 Names (Käytetty LP/12)


Sinks was performing with Bob Wills at age 12 before doing his first recordings in 1958 at Norman Petty Studios as a solo artist. Under the alias of ”Earl Henry” he had 2 singles ”I Am The Man/Whatcha Gonna Do?” and ”My Suzanne/Believe A Traveler” on Dot Records. After Buddy Holly split with The Crickets near the end of 1958, Sinks was brought in by Norman Petty to record, noting a similarity in their singing styles. He recorded and performed with the Crickets after Holly’s death in 1959, contributing to the album In Style With the Crickets, singing on songs such as ”I Fought the Law,” ”Love’s Made a Fool of You”, ”Deborah”, and ”When You Ask About Love”. Sinks’ association with the Crickets ended in February 1960, citing a disagreement. David Box was later brought in to finish recording and fulfill the band’s contract with Coral Records.

Sinks later moved to Nashville, where he continued to release records. He recorded for Decca Records, in addition to Hickory, Capitol, Coral, Brunswick, United Artist, Warner Brothers and Ace of Hearts Records. He and Norro Wilson, along with Bill Fernez, recorded as the band the Omegas [country music]. In October 1958 Tommy Allsup rejoined the Crickets for the ”Biggest Show of Stars: Autumn Edition”, after Buddy split from Jerry Allison and Joe Mauldin. The Roses (a vocal backup group) were also on the tour. Needing a new band for the planned “Winter Dance Party Tour”, Buddy asked his pal Waylon Jennings to play bass, with Tommy on guitar and Allsup’s pal Carl Bunch for drums. After the tragedy, Tommy Allsup and Earl remained in New York following the end of the “Winter Dance Party Tour” for promotional pictures with J.I. and Joe B. as The Crickets.

Sinks had recorded earlier with the Crickets, along with Sonny Curtis, and sang lead on their version of ”I Fought the Law,” “Someone Someone,” and “Loves Made A Fool of You.” In 1959 he came to Nashville with his pal Bob Montgomery, where they worked together as songwriters with Acuff-Rose. He recorded under the names of Earl Sinks, Sinx Mitchell, Earl Richards and Earl ”Snake” Richards. He wrote songs for artists such as Sue Thompson, the Everly Brothers, the Newbeats, Ernie Ashworth, Brenda Lee, Roy Orbison, Mel Tillis, as well as the Crickets and Buddy Holly. He would either play guitar or sing harmony over a majority of the sessions with artists such as Mel Tillis, Del Reeves, Mel Street, Charlie Pride, etc.

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A1     Whatcha Gonna Do     
A2     My Suzanne     
A3     Little Suzie Parker     
A4     Supersticious     
A5     Love Is All I'm Asking For     
A6     A Sweet Love     
A7     Just This Once     
A8     Ting A Ling     
B1     Looking For Love     
B2     Raining On My Side Of Town     
B3     Supermarket     
B4     The House Of Blue Lights     
B5     Look For Me     
B6     Love Made A Fool Of You     
B7     Someone, Someone     
B8     I Fought The Law