Turner Joe - The Real Boss Of The Blues (CD)

Turner Joe - The Real Boss Of The Blues (CD)


The BluesTime label was started by Flying Dutchman Records in the late 1960s, to issue albums by blues greats, hoping to cash in the blues boom. In just over a year ten albums were released, and for the first time Ace will be reissuing them as individual CDs. Joe Turner is one of the legends of the blues. His signature vocals were as at home in the Kansas City clubs of the 20s and 30s it on his rock n roll hits of the 50s. He was an established name when he signed to Atlantic in 1951 and scored several big hits, most notably the original version of Shake, Rattle And Roll, which turned him into an unlikely pop star at the age of 43. When the hits stopped, Turner returned to the jazz clubs and his celebrity ensured he continued to make albums, one of the finest The Real Boss Of The Blues from 1969, presented here. Recorded in Capitol Studios, LA, with some of the finest session musicians, it carefully updated several of Turner’s hits such as Shake, Rattle And Roll and Corrine, Corrina, plus the soul number Two Loves Have I and the contemporary blues, Plastic Man . This is the album’s first reissue and Ace have added two bonus cuts from a live concert recorded in 1970 at Carnegie Hall. The audio is taken directly from the original master tapes.

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  • 1. Shake Rattle And Roll
  • 2. Lonesome Train
  • 3. Corrine, Corrina
  • 4. How Long How Long Blues
  • 5. Careless Love
  • 6. Two Loves Have I
  • 7. Honey Hush
  • 8. Plastic Man
  • 9. Honey Hush (Live)
  • 10. Yakety Yak (Live)

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