King B.B. - The RPM Hits 1951-1957 (CD)

King B.B. - The RPM Hits 1951-1957 (CD)


It was BB’s early 50s recordings on the RPM label that inspired Clapton, Green and many other aspiring young blues guitarists. Several of these recordings such as 3 O’Clock Blues, Please Love Me, You Upset Me Baby found their way over here in the early-60s on imported the Crown label albums, which were notorious for the poor quality of their pressings.

Now this compilation of BB’s earliest and best-known RPM recordings from 1951 to 1957 redresses the balance for the first time. This collection is unique because we have managed to locate many of the finest original masters and consequently the listener will be able to hear these wonderful recordings as they sounded in the studio on the day they were cut.

The sound on this CD will knock your socks off, due to superior post-production. It will match or surpass the sound on your old RPM 78s and 45s (not to mention your Crown albums) and that makes this an essential purchase for every blues fan.

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  • 1. Three O'Clock Blues
  • 2. Please Love Me
  • 3. You Know I Love You
  • 4. Woke Up This Morning
  • 5. Story From My Heart & Soul
  • 6. Please Hurry Home
  • 7. Bad Luck
  • 8. You Upset Me Baby
  • 9. Whole Lotta' Love
  • 10. Every Day (I Have The Blues)
  • 11. Sneakin' Around
  • 12. Ten Long Years
  • 13. Crying Won't Help You
  • 14. I Want To Get Married
  • 15. Sweet Little Angel
  • 16. Troubles, Troubles, Troubles
  • 17. I Need You So Bad
  • 18. I Wonder
  • 19. Be Careful With A Fool
  • 20. (I'm Gonna) Quit My Baby
  • 21. On My Word of Honor
  • 22. I'm Cracking Up Over You
  • 23. Shut Your Mouth
  • 24. Did You Ever Love A Woman
  • 25. Blind Love
  • 26. When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer

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