Hogg Smokey - The Texas Blues Of (CD)

Hogg Smokey - The Texas Blues Of (CD)


This is the 5th compilation of the prolific Smokey Hogg to be issued by Ace. It ties in with the first biography of the Texas bluesman from Guido van Rijn. It will appeal to both pre and post War blues aficionados, a period that Smokey’s career straddled. All of the tracks are new to CD with four previously unissued in any form. Among them is the alternative take of his Top 5 chart song ’Good Mornin’ Little School Girl’ corrected for speed from it’s Crown LP issue. A rare Smokey instrumental is the first one to appear anywhere.

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Vuosi 2021

1 I Don’t Want You
2 Worrying Over You
3 Everybody Gotta Racket
4 Good Mornin’ Little School Girl
5 The Way You Treat Me
6 I Want My Baby
7 You Can’t Tell Them Where I’m Goin’
8 No Matter What You Do
9 When the Sun Goes Down
10 Coming Back Home to You Again
11 Kind Hearted Blues
12 What’s That You Got
13 You’ll Need My Help Someday
14 Somebody New
15 Ain’t You Sorry Baby
16 Ruby
17 Penitentiary Blues – Part 1
18 Penitentiary Blues – Part 2
19 Baby Shake Your Leg
20 Fortune Teller Blues
21 Where Have You Been
22 My Gal Gave Me Money
23 Instrumental
24 Too Late Old Man

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