Wray Link - & The Wraymen + Bonus (CD)

Wray Link - & The Wraymen + Bonus (CD)


The Definitive Edition + 16 Bonus Tracks.

Link Wray was perhaps the first important instrumental rock musician to feature the power chord prominently – the major modus operandi ofmodern rock guitarists. His impact has been felt throughout almost every genre of music for the last five decades (from rock & roll to garage, country, blues, punk, grunge and surf music). His instrumental rock gem, ”Rumble”, crackles with manic energy. Everything that was handed down to today’s current crop of headbangers from the likes of Led Zeppelin and The Who can be traced back to this hero from Dunn, North Carolina. Link Wray’s sound, style and career stood at an intersection of rock & roll, the rise of the guitar instrumental, the cult of the juvenile delinquent, and modernity in general. This quintessential collector’s edition contains Wray’s magnificent and essential debut album, Link Wray & the Wraymen (1960). In addition, are included 16 bonus tracks consisting of alternate takes, demos and hard to find sides from his early and best years on the Epic and Cadence labels. Here is the material upon which Wray’s unique reputation was built.

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1. Caroline (Mark Grant Link Wray)
2. Slinky (Mark Grant Link Wray)
3. Right Turn (Mark Grant Link Wray)
4. Rendezvous (Carl Stevens)
5. Dixie-Doodle (Mark Grant Link Wray)
6. Rumble (Mark Grant Link Wray)
7. Hand Clapper (Mark Grant Link Wray)
8. Raw-Hide (Mark Grant Link Wray)
9. Lillian (Mark Grant Link Wray)
10. Radar (Mark Grant Link Wray)
11. Comanche (Mark Grant Link Wray)
12. Studio Blues (Carl Stevens)
13. Link Wray & the Wraymentotal Time:
14. Mary Ann (Ray Charles)
15. Trail of the Lonesome Pine (H. Caroll M. Macdonald)
16. Rumble (Mark Grant Link Wray)
17. Golden Strings (Mark Grant Link Wray)
18. Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby (Jimmy Reed)
19. Comanche (Mark Grant Link Wray)
20. Slinky (Mark Grant Link Wray)
21. Radar (Mark Grant Link Wray)
22. Mary Ann (Ray Charles)
23. Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby (Jimmy Reed)
24. Walkin’ With Link (Link Wray)
25. Danger One Way Love (Link Wray)
26. Johnny Bom Bonny (Harlow Kibler)
27. Roughshod (Mark Cooper – Link Wray)
28. I’m Countin’ On You (Link Wray)
29. Right Turn (Mark Grant Link Wray)

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